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Default Error messages


Players will experience optimal gameplay if your device meets these specs:

  • Latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Opera browsers.

  • Other browsers must be capable of HTML5 and Web GL.

  • 64 bits Operating System

  • 8GB of RAM or higher

  • Dual Core CPU

  • Dedicated NVIDIA / AMD Video Cards or Integrated Intel Video Cards with 512MB Video RAM with updated drivers, old video card drivers can make the game crash.
    Check this video for instructions on how to update your video card drivers in Windows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFvhZ6Lie_s

  • WegGL 2.0 Support with Hardware Acceleration enabled.
    Software only acceleration or Google SwiftShader can slowdown the game.
    Check this video for instructions on how to enable Hardware Acceleration in the Chrome browser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQ_bjn6u3Lo

  • The game will probably run on older lower-end devices but this will increase the chances of crashes and the game not loading due to Out of Memory or WebGL errors.

The more you add to your farm the riskier it will become especially for those with lower end devices.

The more animals, overlapped items or total amount of items you have on your farm, the more problems this will create because of the amount of memory required. Other farmers on lower end devices may find it extremely difficult to work or visit your farms.

Regular computer maintenance is very important for what you use your computer for as well as for Farm Town to work properly.
Always keep up with your computers updates for Operating Systems (OS) or iOS for Macs, and any driver updates especially graphics drivers.

If you visit a lot of websites or open a lot of tabs in your browser, you may need to clear your Browser caches more frequently than you used to. If you find something is not displaying correctly in the game then you need to clear your browser caches/history.

SYMPTOMS: Cannot see others in the market, chat messages not coming through
REASON: the MPS (Media Processing Server?) is overloaded
WORKAROUND: None advised.
SOLUTION: Clicking the green ok and you should reconnect, unless the server is under extreme strain. Firewalls & routers may also be blocking your connection.

REASON: DB or WEB servers are overloaded or your internet connection has failed
WORKAROUND: None advised.
SOLUTION: Clicking the green ok and you should reconnect, unless the server is under extreme strain. Firewalls & routers may need to be reset.

REASON: #1 reason is people try to go faster than their current connection can handle. Slow internet connections, low memory pc's or a minimal pc at an overloaded farm of animals and or large amount of crops/trees/flowers/waters. And of course overloaded servers are an issue with this error at times as well.
1. If you are seeing the save icon go red and an number climbing on it, do not continue clicking, you will just make the counter climb higher which will mean waiting more time for it to clear. Stop what you are doing and wait for the save icon to go back to white before you continue.
2. Right click on screen, set quality to low.
3. Work from North to South or North to West
4. Turn off music and anything you do not need to see while working.
If you are only harvesting and plowing then you only need to show crops so remove the check marks to show everything else.
If you are working for someone else you do not need to see their animals on their farms, turn off the option to Show Animals while not at Home.

5. Regularly clear your Cache if you open a considerable amount of tabs in your browser every day or you surf the internet frequently.
6. Click SAVE and the reconnect may disappear, just be certain you are still getting paid.
7. WORK OFFLINE & If possible let the farm owner know before you do it & the owner may need to refresh to see their harvest in storage. Also I would only recommend this if you are the ONLY harvester, or the crops have been equally divided between the harvesters. (If not, then you run into issues with not receiving coins)
8. Buddy up or send farmer a note asking them to reply, so you have a way back to the farm.

REASON: This typically means that your router, firewall, or antivirus program is blocking Farm Town.

REASON: X025 is the nastiest error ever hit. More than most, X025 seems to relate to issues communicating over the Internet you usually get it when your ISP decides you have been online too long and disconnects. Therefore you need to minimize the amount of Internet traffic to and from your computer.

Tips to minimize these errors: - As far as possible FT must be the only thing your computer is doing, so close everything else down, for example:
  • Close all other applications, especially anything that requires the internet, while playing Farm Town.
  • CLOSE your email program.
  • Don't run chat programs (except maybe Facebook's chat feature).
  • Do not run more than one browser window.
  • Don't try to download files in the background.
  • Don't even try to play music stored on your hard drive!
  • If you have multiple tabs open in your browser, do not have more than one tab (your FT tab) open at a time.
  • Running multiple tabs is less risky than running multiple browser windows, but every tab uses memory and bandwidth. It's tempting to read the forum or surf while your avatar sits in the Marketplace, but if you do you risk a connection error.

  • In a nut shell.... The more you are asking your computer to do by having more than one tab open, other browsers open, more programs or apps running, the more memory will be used by those, leaving less for the game.

  • Things not to close unless really, really desperate: firewall, antivirus and antispyware.

REASON: This seems to be 100% server related.
WORKAROUNDS: Try connecting through your neighbors to access a different server.

REASON: Sometimes it's as simple as clearing your Cache, but other times it is more complicated.
The following are possible reasons why a farm will not load:
  • Overlapped crops
  • Layering items like as trees/flowers/water over fields
  • A large number of decorative items, a large amount of workable items or a combination of both on a farm.
  • An antivirus or firewall program blocking some part of Farm Town from loading.
WORKAROUND: If Farm town won't Load
  • Your own Farms - If it's due to the total amount of what is on a farm, you will need to reduce what is on them.
  • If you are working for someone else you will need to try hiding everything that you do not need to see and see if that helps you.
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