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Old May 27 2020, 06:34 AM
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If I cash out a facility because it is at 100% can I start using facility again? What can I do?
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Old May 27 2020, 07:41 AM
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Originally Posted by SallyHL View Post
If I cash out a facility because it is at 100% can I start using facility again? What can I do?
Hi SallyHL,

When a service facility shows it is at 100% then it is full. You will not be able to load anymore into it until it drops below 100%. Friends working your service facilities will make that percentage drop faster than them not being worked.

When you open a service facility and look in the What's in Stock section, cashing out sells what is showing as Used. The percentage that you see there is how long until the next batch is completed. There is an amount and a time showing just above that bar that tells you how long it will take for that batch to complete.
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Old Yesterday, 10:05 AM
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Default An update to my query and confusion

Originally Posted by Santmyer View Post
It is possible that I am the one who is confused but I thought for sure there was another 5th item to the right of the best that showed the amount that I would get if I cashed out.
An update to my query and confusion. I now know what makes best amount slide off the screen to the right. It occurs when the second column labeled done has an 8 digit figure. Definitely no big deal. At least I am now sure that I was not imagining losing view of some information. As soon as I pressed store all the fourth column best amount came back into view.

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