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Default How to Get Help Faster

How to get faster service for your problem:

First please post your problem in the Help & Support forum using the appropriate Official thread if there is one for your problem. If there doesn't seem to be an official thread then start a new thread to post.

Another step that will get you help faster is to include a link to your farm. This allows us to quickly look at either your farms or your data to determine the problem and provide a solution or send you quickly to Support. Instructions on how to create and paste a link in your post are in the following link:

Doing the above may save you a lot of time waiting for Support to contact you, by allowing the Moderators and Helpers here to possibly solve your problem. We do have several tools that can be used to either solve your problem or to pinpoint exactly where the problem is. Many times it is a very simple solution to your problem and will save you weeks of waiting for Support to help you when we can solve it in a few hours at the most.

Doing the above helps to lessen the load on the Support people and allows them to work on real problems that only they can solve. They will be able to correct your problems faster because they will have less tickets to deal with, so they can get to yours faster.

Contacting Support:
If the Moderators and Helpers can not solve your problem then we will direct you to contact Support by using the link below:


Please use only this link or the Support link at the bottom of your farm page. Using the above link will get you an automatic response email with your ticket number and a link to check on the status of your ticket and be able to respond to further questions from Support.

Emailing or sending multiple tickets will not get your problem solved any faster, so PLEASE use the proper support link and login to the support website and submit replies to a ticket there.

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