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Old Apr 28 2023, 08:04 AM
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Default Facility Manager & Shortcuts Issues - April 2023

Fix released for Facility Manager & Shortcuts Issues - April 2023

Post Release Updates - April 27th, 8:00PM

- Bugfix: At 11:00AM today we introduced a bug that caused a significant % of users to lose most of their preferences in the game, these include the Shortcut selection, the settings in the Facility Manager filters, the selection of which Facilities and Products you want to start or not, the selection of which products you have selected for sell in the Market, and others.

If you open your Facility Manager and see too few Facilities, it's probably because the setting in the Facility Manager filter (funnel) is set to show Facilities in 'Current Farm' only, you need to change this setting to 'All Farms' to see all the facilities you own in the Facility Manager.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Link to the April 18th,2023 Release where this information is posted by Raul

Anyone not sure of how to check if their Facility Manager is showing all facilities on all farms and want to set it to that:
  1. Click on the Facility Manager Icon in your Yellow Toolbox or you can click on it if you have it in your game bar at the bottom of the game screen.

  2. Then look top right for this Funnel and click on it.

  3. Then make sure that you set the Facility Filter like this and ALSO remember to click the green check mark at the bottom, to save any changes you make:

If your Shortcuts in the game bar at the bottom of the screen have changed and would like a reminder how to change them, please click on this link:

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