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Old Jun 02 2020, 05:59 AM
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Originally Posted by clarecheetham View Post
can you add more items to the gift section to help with quests. The gift lifeline is virtually worthless as there is so few things in it to help with quests
Hi clarecheetam,

I have moved your post to help and support for Quests to be able to answer you. Your other request for changes to the gift page is still in Suggestions.

Are you aware that the Gift lifeline isn't just for gifts on the gift page? With that lifeline you can also request ingredients to make a product that would get you things that are not on the gift page and also in some cases finished products, as long as the finished product can be used to make another product.

If you're not sure what ingredients you would get to make a product, open the facility that makes it and click the ? in the box on that product and it will show you. Just remember you can only request 5 ingredients in 12 hours and you need to accept the ingredients in the right order.

For example, for your Braised Goat quest, If you were requesting ingredients for everything needed for that quest, you would want to store the ingredients to make olive oil first and make sure you have the check marks for olives, before you stored the ingredients for making Sofrito to get the olive oil, then again check you that you have the check marks needed to make Sofrito (garlic,onions, bellpepper, tomatoes, olive oil), before you store the ingredients to make the Braised Goat which would get you the Sofrito.

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