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Old Feb 15 2023, 12:26 PM
poof3013 poof3013 is offline
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How about putting the mixed drinks made in the Pool Bar and Beach Bar into the Pubs and Dance Club?
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Old Feb 17 2023, 12:43 AM
bbarksda bbarksda is offline
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In Facility Manager. When you search for a facility, have a button and functionality to start all from a search. Currently have to start each individual facility to start it.
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Old Feb 25 2023, 03:11 PM
ecogi ecogi is offline
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In the natural Remedy Shop produce saw palmetto pills which can be created using the saw palmetto bush already available
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Old Feb 28 2023, 09:49 AM
docmm6 docmm6 is offline
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We need a way of getting rid of excess manure. I haven't collected any for over a year and still have 31,248,594 even keeping 38 farms fertilized at all times.
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Old Mar 02 2023, 01:08 PM
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Default another filter

I decide what crops to plant by sorting by stored amount. I wish to be able to sort secondarily by "ingredient importance" as you can in the Trade Marketplace. Please!
Dominus Vobiscum,


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Old Mar 09 2023, 04:51 PM
closerfan closerfan is offline
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Is it possible for buildings, facilities, cars, etc. able to be placed 360 degrees on the farms? There are times when I would like to place cars, tractors, buildings, facilities and other moving decorations a certain way and there's no option to do that.
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Old Mar 13 2023, 06:19 PM
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please please
do not give us any more land the farms are big enough,you can give us more farms then we will be buying all the land for each new farm.thanks for a great game .
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