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Old Jan 18 2020, 01:59 PM
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Originally Posted by SeamsToBeSew View Post
I don't get why there needs to be a change in scoring, how does it help anything in the end result with this months update. The NCC is unfair to all in the first place, Allowing the same neighborhoods to win every week, and teams where they are at least trying end up below the top 3... I think if your going to give reward points it should be those in the neighborhood themselves, not to the 2 top neighborhoods. There is no incentive otherwise for people to work at improving there game if they see there own neighborhoods do not end up in the rps every once in awhile.

As of this week I am no longer playing the NCC, I just refuse to work so hard and spend my rps on additional facilities when the only reward for doing so is products, something I really do not need. I'd rather the products be something I needed. To me, there is just no incentive to play the NCC part of the game. So, Farm Town gets no more me using my own cash to buy FT rps for facilities. Yes I'll still buy new facilities, update other things, but I'm not going to play the NCC as long as it is unfair to individual neighborhoods. That's also a sad loss for my own neighborhood, I didn't just sit around and play once daily, I've ranked in the top 10 since I started playing the NCC, and in the last few months, top 3 to 5 because I stepped up my game. I won't be doing that anymore and that is a loss for my neighborhood points wise. Give me an incentive, give others an incentive to step up there play. Products are nice for new people, but even they will want to be in a top spot at some point also, when it's only products, there is no incentive.
Hi SeamsToBe Sew,
I have moved your post to the General Feedback subject thread for Discussions about the NCC as you are not asking a question or about a problem that we can help you with.
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Please come visit me on my farms (underlined link above) and if you see me say hi! I do ask that you not send me in-game messages for any problems other than forum login issues, as I can only help with those from my farm.
Post your problem or question here in the forums and we will gladly help you to solve it as quickly as we can.
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