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Old Nov 12 2010, 06:28 PM
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Default New Release -- November 12th, 2010

Hi Farmers,

Here are some bug fixes for the latest release:

1. Avatar slowness while farming: The speed of the avatar and the game has been improved significantly when farming (sowing,plowing,harvesting) alone and for others.

Also, when you hire others for plow, you will not see any more animations for increasing XP and decreasing Coins when others plow, it makes the game slower and really doesn't help much anyways

2. Slow Deletes: Delete operations should be now as fast as they were before, with the yellow and white dozer.

3. Sometimes fields plowed on one farm were appearing on another farm, this should be now corrected.

4. Some users were able to impersonate messages and send messages as if they were forum moderators or other users. This impersonation security issue should now have been solved.

5. When you hire someone at the market and they start working on your farm, you can now see the status messages back on the screen as a sign that they are working.

6. Some people with very high XP were not able to advance in the levels, this is now fixed.

7. If you have a mobile sprinkler in your storage and you are visiting a neighbour farm, you should now see the sprinkler where the water can was before. The previous version of this fix didn't work 100% so please try again if you are having issues.

1. Farm 7: Below are the prices in coins. Farm Cash prices remain the same.

12x12 Farm 7: 7,000,000
14x14 Upgrade: 4,000,000
16x16 Upgrade: 5,000,000
18x18 Upgrade: 6,000,000
20x20 Upgrade: 200,000,000
22x22 Upgrade: 300,000,000
24x24 Upgrade: 400,000,000

2. 25 New Levels (60 items, all in coins): 25 new buildings and 35 new items added to the Container, Farming, Fun, Furniture, Motion and Other categories.

3. 18 Thanksgiving items and gifts (all in coins but 2): These were launched last week.

4. 15 new Farm Machinery Implements (decorations) as gifts: This will be launched later today or tomorrow.

5. Item Storage Improvements:

- 'Items' Tab added to market window: This will allow you to sell items in your storage without putting them in your farm first.

- Filters: You can now filter items in your item storage by category. There is one special category named 'Seasonal' that contains all Seasonal items.

6. Market Improvements:

- 'Sell Half' button added: This will allow you to sell only half of your products.

- 'Sell All' button below Non-Ingredients filter: This will allow you to sell all products at once when the 'Non-Ingredients' filter is selected. Based on user feedback, we may decide to add this button to other categories as well, although this can be a little risky.

7. Value added to premium tools: If you own a farm cash tool and have enough fuel to spare, you can now use those tools when working for others. When you get to the employee's farm, the Gifts and Store icons will be replaced by any Farm Cash tool you could use.

8. Trading limit expanded: You can now buy up to 1000 products (almost a full farm with tight fields) every 12 hours with other players to meet the demand of your facilities.

9. Hamburger Restaurant: Allows you to produce burgers. You can produce burger bread in the bakery. You can catch Mahi Mahi on the Small Sea Coasts.

French Fries
Mushroom Burger
Grilled Fish Burger
Grilled Chicken Burger
Supreme Burger

10. Frozen Food Factory: Allows you to produce food. You can catch Cod on the Big Sea Coasts.

Mango Pulp
Frozen Fruits
Frozen Vegetables
Frozen Pasta
Steak TV Dinner
Fish TV Dinner
Frozen Pizza

11. Cosmetic Factory: Allows you to produce cosmetics.

Hair Wax
Nail Polish

You can produce beeswax in the Bee Farm.
You can produce cocoa butter in the Chocolate Factory.
You can produce plasticizer in the Petrochemical Plant.
You can produce talc rocks in the Open-Pit Mine.
The 'Ink Factory' was upgraded to the 'Ink and Pigments Factory', so you can produce the required pigments.

12. Air Fresheners Factory: Allows you to produce Air Fresheners.

Bathroom Air Fresheners
Incense Sticks
Scented Candles
Car Air Fresheners
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Old Nov 12 2010, 06:28 PM
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Thanks Raul.
Old Nov 12 2010, 06:29 PM
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cheers ears
Old Nov 12 2010, 06:29 PM
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OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Great update! Thanks!!!!!
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Old Nov 12 2010, 06:30 PM
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Raul...You guys are amazing...Thank you, thank you, thank you....as is usual...an amazing update.
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Farm Seven underway )))) Thank you.
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Old Nov 12 2010, 06:30 PM
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this is huge - and wish list item filled - u guys rock, ty raul and the devs
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Momthebomb191 Momthebomb191 is offline
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Thanks, can't wait to get to it! Your hard work to keep all of us happy is appreciated. I am never going to catch up on my housework. Thanks again...WAHOOOOOO!!!!!
Old Nov 12 2010, 06:32 PM
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merci raul super
Old Nov 12 2010, 06:33 PM
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Woo hoo! That'll keep us all busy for a while. Thanks, devs... keep up the great work.
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