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Old Dec 18 2023, 10:46 AM
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Default Farm Town on IOS Devices

My laptop is giving me fits these days so I am playing part time on my iPad and iPhone. I have not been able to get my farms to load on my iPad (7th generation, latest OS) but I have been able to get to slashkey.com and logging in. While it is loading, I click on Facility or Show Other Wall Requests and I am able to work facilities, send ingredients etc.

On my iPhone I can load my farms and I was able to plant crops but I would not recommend it. The screen is too small for that. I can load/send ships, dispatch trains etc. I will be taking my phone with me on trips so I can send on ships.

Many thanks to Slashkey for making this happen. It is much appreciated.
so it goes,



clear memcache http://l1.slashkey.com/facebook/farm...lear_memcached

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