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Old Mar 25 2013, 08:27 PM
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Arrow Facilities and Facility Manager

This thread is for reporting problems concerning facilities and the Facility Manager. Please read the following information BEFORE posting in this thread.

Most posting using the Website does not post to Facebook!
UPDATE: Sept 29th 2023 - You can now post your facility work requests to Facebook.

Remember - not every farmer you have as a Neighbour/Buddy may have a Facebook account to be able to see the posts on Facebook or they may not be your Facebook Friends.

Please make sure that you have read the information in the Web Guide to see what differences there are now that you are playing Farm Town on the Website!

Thank you!

Check Out The Game Guide: Chapter 13 - Facilities
Everything you need to know about facilities and using the Facility Manager is included here.
For the full list of Non-Workable Facilities go to Chapter 13: What are the Non-Workable Facilities?

For the full list of Production Facilities go to Chapter 13.1 Production Facilities

For the full list of Service Facilities go to Chapter 13.2 Service Facilities.

For a list of Ingredients that are used in Facilities and what can be stocked in service facilities go to Chapter 27 Ingredients of Farm Town

Most posting does not post to Facebook box anymore!
The exception to this is that you can post your Facility work request to Facebook if you wish.
Posting to Facebook is governed by Facebook rules.
Posting too many times too frequently can still get you a temp ban by Facebook. They will never list what that criteria will be to prevent spammers finding out. They can change the criteria for spam detection at any time and as often as they feel necessary, to protect their users from spammers.

When you click on the green check mark to post your facility work requests you will see a brief message saying Request Sent then your post will show up to those that have you as their Neighbour or Buddy in the Facility Wall Requests page.

You can not prevent your facility posts showing up in Facility Wall Requests.

If you are posting to Facebook make sure that cookies and popups are allowed in your browser to be able to see the Facebook posting box

Your Neighbours and Buddies posts are also in the Facility Wall Requests page.

For details on how to find and use Wall Requests please click on What are Wall Requests?
The facilities/tools that you fill with coins rather than product, ie: the semi trailer truck, the bee farm, can not be used to post facility work.

Religious and Funeral Facilities can not be used to post facility work.

Can I Have More Than One Of The Same Facility?
  1. You can buy and place the EXACT same facility on DIFFERENT farms and they will each produce for you.
    NOTE: If you put more than one on the SAME farm, the duplicates would only copy the production information in the others but not actually produce anything extra, they will be considered as decoration.
  2. You can have a Turbo version of a facility AND the regular version of a facility on the same farm. For example. the Turbo Oil Refinery and the Oil Refinery can be placed on the same farm. ONE of each!
  3. You can NOT have a Super Animal Shed and a regular Animal shed on the same farm. It has to be one or the other not both!
  4. Note: For facilities to work as intended, your computer's clock and calendar need to be set accurately.

Is there a Limit on how many Facilities I can put on a farm?
Yes. It's the limit is between 350 and 400. However, that amount can also be affected by how much production you have in those facilities that have not been stored. If you see a message telling you that you have too many facilities on a farm, the first thing we suggest is to store all production from those facilities then refresh farm and see if the message goes away. If it does then do not add any more facilities to that farm and remember to store regularly. If it comes back, store all production and move some facilities to another farm.
NOTE: Train locomotives and their long cars also count as part of this limit, one for each locomotive and one for each long car, so you need to take into account those as well if you have the trains on the same farms your facilities are on.

When you have more than one farm there is a quick way to find out how many facilities of each type you have on a farm. This does not include the trains in the count. You can find information on how to do that Chapter 13 of the Game Guide, or you can click this link: What is Show Facility Info?
Working Neighbour and Buddies Facilities: This is to explain the time between working a neighbours facilities before you can rework that same neighbor's post again. To simplify the answer it was originally stated that you had to wait a day.

Notice that if you spend at least 8 straight hours in a day without playing farmtown (when you sleep, eat breakfast, etc, most people will fall in this category) then you will in fact be able to work your friends facilities at least once per day.

IF at Noon/Midday you stop working ALL friends facilities and take a minimum 8 hour break where you do NOT work any facilities at all for any of your friends.
After 8pm you will be able to work ALL your friends facilities, including the ones you worked before Noon.
NOTE: If you are only one second too early this will not work!!!

There is a countdown timer that resets to 8 hours each time you work facilities. There is one for Regular Facilities and another one for Service Facilities.

To help you with this, there is a tool in your toolbox called Show Times (looks like a clock). Click on it and then Look in the Gamewide section. Toward the bottom are the timers for Facilities.

Always reload your game before you want to rework facilities and check the Show Times!

If you want to be 100% sure that you have had a long enough gap between working each type facilities make sure that before you work any at all for any friend, that you check that you have a green check mark for Rework Facilities and Rework Service Facilties. Then, and only then, can you rework the facilities.

If there are no green check marks showing you are too soon to start working them and need to wait longer. The time showing will help you know when that will be,, you can mouseover the times to see more informtaion, but always check for those green check marks.

We hope this information helps.
To post Suggestions for NEW Facilites, please click on the link below to post in New Facilities, Buildings, and Super Facility.

To post Suggestions for Changes, additions to EXISTING Facilites, please click on the link below to post in Other uses/improvements for existing items on the farm.

This thread is for players to report problems only. Any off topic posts will be removed by a moderator without notice to the user.

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