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Old Feb 18 2021, 07:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Rennymeinesbellemei View Post
My oceans & lakes show number of fish & bait but no growth times. Can not fish at all. have bought new ones a shows grown in so many hours bit disappears when ready to fish. Help!!
Hi Rennymeinesbellemei

When water items are ready to fish, they only show the water item name, amount of fish and amount of bait if you hover your mouse on them.

When they are fished, then if you hover your mouse on the water item it will show its name, 0 amount of fish, baits amount and Grown in xxxx hours.

Please take in mind that coin waters take 20 hours, Farm Cash waters take 8 hours to be ready.

You can get your fishing boat 5x5 and click in the eye in the botton right corner of the game screen to get it open. That way you will see all items on your farm but the water item will also show you if you have to wait more time to get the fish ready.
After doing that, please remember to click in the eye again to get it half open to only show you the items ready according to the tool you have in your hands.

Also check to be sure your time and date in your computer are correct.

If you think water items are ready to fish but you cant do that, then please close and reopen your game.

If that doesnt work, then clear your memcache, link below. A new window will open with a short list of unsettings, close that window and your farm if it was open in another tab. Then reopen your farms and try again.


If nothing works, please let us know in which farms you have water items and you are unabled to fish them.

Edited to Add> I visited your farms. Water items on your farm 20 are ready to fish by the time I visited the farm.

New water items (3 small sea coasts) on your farm 22 will grow in 18.7 hours by the time I visited the farm.

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