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Default Auto Clickers and Bots

The following information has been provided directly from the development team at Slashkey. The have asked us to release this information in response to the number of questions about the speed at which you may click on the game.

For those of you who are going to ask: There will be no "set" number released. As stated in point number three from the developers this number is dependent on the overall function of the game and can and will be changed without notice. If we were to provide a number and the developers decide to make a change it would not be fair to you as the players. As the developers state in point number three, you should be using a speed at or near what can be done by a human clicking with the mouse.

1. Due to the increase of the automated clicking systems and bot scripts, our servers were getting overloaded pretty frequently, as a consequence the gaming experience of most of our users, including those which were not using any of these tools, was affected frequently as well.

2. We had no choice but to limit these kind of behavior.

3. The actual limit will be based on the current stability of the game and will change without notice. If we see the game is functioning normally, the restrictions will be very light, if the game is getting affected due to the use of automated systems, the restrictions will be more severe. One thing is certain, any automated system that work at speed similar or even slightly higher to a human being should not have any problem.

Please note that you do not have to be using an autoclicker or bot to get this warning or be banned. If you are clicking too fast when buying animals, trees, flowers, waters or any item in the store then you can get warned or banned because the program can not distinguish between an autoclicker or someone just clicking very fast when buying from the store.

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