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Default Changes to Newsfeed and Wall Requests

Finding Farm Town Posts

Finding Farm Town Posts:

The easiest place to find your friends Farm Town posts is to click on the My Requests tab at the top of the game screen.

You will be viewing your gifts at first so you are in the Show My Requests section.

At the top are 2 links which are Show Facility Wall Requests and Show Other Wall Requests
If you click on Show Facility Wall Requests you will find your friends recent facility posts. For posts to show up in this wall they must have first been posted to Facebook. For both types of Facility work requests there must also be a check mark in the first popup for "Show FarmTown Wall Requests".

A suggestion: When working with the Facility Wall Requests you can, right click on the blue link to the right of what you are wanting to do, then click on "open link in new tab".

This will open the work request in a new tab for you to work it. This way once you are done with which ever request you are working all you have to do is to close that tab and you still have the Facility Wall Requests open in the previous tab so you can work the next one.

If you click on Show Other Wall Requests you will find all the other types of Farm Town posts like bonuses earned, requests for ingredients, any Farm Cash earned etc.

To view another section again, just click the link of the section you want to view.

No Farm Town posts on your Newsfeed:

There are a couple of possibilities for this problem. The first being that either you or Facebook has blocked Farm Town from your News Feed. To see if this is the problem do the following:
  • Click on Manage Blocking
  • Scroll down to Block Apps and see if Farm Town is listed. If it is click on Unblock to the right of it.

Also do the following - From Facebook News Feed:
  • Locate the News Feed link on the left side of Facebook
  • click the 3 horizontal dots to the right of the link
  • click on "Edit Preferences"
  • a box will open, near the bottom of the box click on "See More Options", All Apps hidden from News Feed will be shown there.
  • Look for Farm Town and if you see it there, click on "Show"
  • then click "Done" at the bottom of the window.

If the doing the above does not help, the rest of this will take time because Facebook thinks they know what we want to see in our News Feed better than we do.
  • Check your neighbors timelines for posts from Farm Town. If you can see them then be sure to like or comment on them. This will let Facebook know you want to see them. You'll have to keep doing this for a while until Facebook takes the hint and they start to show back up in New Feed.

For your Farm Town posts not showing on your Timeline or Neighbors/Friends News Feed:

First thing to check is if they are allowed on your Timeline:
  • To check that farm Town is allowed on your time line, go to your profile/timeline and click on Activity log.
  • Find one of your own posts from Farm Town and hover the mouse pointer over the pencil to the right of the post. If it doesn't say 'Allowed on timeline' then click on the pencil to change the setting.

Next thing to check is if your security permissions are set correctly:
  • Click on Facebook Privacy Settings
  • Make sure "Who can see my stuff?" is set to Friends OR Public OR to whatever Friends list you want to use.

Next thing to check is in the Apps and Websites section of your settings:
  • While still in your Facebook settings click on Apps and Websites. in the left column
    There are 3 tabs
    • Active
    • Expired
    • Removed
    Look under Active and see if Farm Town is listed there.

    If Farm Town is not there, click on and look under Expired. If you see Farm Town there, click View and Edit and then Renew Access.

    When you have found Farm Town, check the items the game has access to by clicking the View and Edit. You need to give access to your basic information like name, picture and friends, permission to post on your behalf etc.

    Also scroll the list down and check "App visibility " and make sure it is set to Friends, Public or to a Farm Town friends list if you use that.

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From time to time since November 2016 Facebook makes changes to where and when Bookmarks show up in the left side of News Feed.

If you have difficulty in finding Farm Town in the Left Pane of Facebook News Feed. You may no longer have it in "Favourites" or listed under "Shortcuts".

Facebook sometimes place it under "Games" in the Left Pane (under the Explore heading). So click on that and then, when the next window opens, up top click on "Your Games" (or it might show as "Your Apps").

  • you can use the Play FarmTown button located at the top of the forum
  • OR use this link https://apps.facebook.com/farmtown/play.

    Once you have loaded the game using any of the above steps mentioned, you can then bookmark the link in your browser and it won't matter what Facebook does with their bookmark, you will always be able to access it in your browser.

If after loading the game the bookmark reappears in the left pane of Facebook we suggest you hover over to the right of the bookmark and click on the 3 dots then select "Pin to Top". This will then place the bookmark at the top of your Facebook Shortcuts.

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