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Old Jan 30 2023, 07:21 AM
Join Date: May 04 2009
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if you want add more rewards to the farm pass then please let the points we make be added to the points on the farm .now it is just a waste of time to do the pass for half of the month.we get nothing for doing them.some of mine get done even with me not doing them like harvesting someones trees.thanks hope we get more rewards or points added to the points at top of the farm at the end of the month that we made
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Old Feb 01 2023, 06:55 PM
FarmerRita09 FarmerRita09 is offline
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Default farm pass suggestion

I wish every now and then tools would be "on sale" maybe a farmpass reward? Not free, although that would be welcome, but on sale Or maybe a sale on cash facilities..who doesn't love a sale!
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Old Feb 05 2023, 01:35 PM
james_a_thompson james_a_thompson is offline
Join Date: Mar 11 2011
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Please come up with a way to BLOCK ALL FARM PASS activity and screen icons like I can "Skip Religious Facilities" and "Skip Funeral Facilities". I have no interest in Fram Pass and don't need it interrupting my limited game time.
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Old Feb 16 2023, 08:29 PM
Farmer_Susan's Avatar
Farmer_Susan Farmer_Susan is offline
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Location: Atlanta, GA
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I'm still very much wishing that the FP time could be extended so we can't max out on it. I max out about halfway through and honestly, my mood goes up and down depending on whether I have FP items to do or not! I know that's silly but I really enjoy having those extra little goals to work for and my mood goes down when they're used up for the month!
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Old Feb 17 2023, 11:34 AM
Palmarina Palmarina is offline
Join Date: Aug 15 2009
Location: Belgium
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Please give us more rewards in the farm pass.
It is 1/2 of the month and I already claimed all my rewards.
There is no challenge anymore.
Always busy with something.
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Old Feb 20 2023, 10:11 PM
Kathyrdr Kathyrdr is offline
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When I spin for rewards, I can't get Strawberry Syrup. I can get other things that are manufactured such as FT beer, etc, but not the Strawberry Syrup. Please have this item added as I can see no reason for it to be excluded.
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Old Mar 04 2023, 05:45 PM
closerfan closerfan is offline
Join Date: Jul 24 2020
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Is it possible to have Farm Pass in packages? Such as two weeks, three weeks, three months, etc.
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Old Mar 04 2023, 10:21 PM
Winterwolf Winterwolf is offline
Join Date: Aug 17 2009
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I max out in less than 3 weeks, Why not have gifts beyond 600 points?
It would also be good to see which of my neighbors are active participants in PASS
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