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Old Jan 20 2020, 10:57 PM
bbbjwilson bbbjwilson is offline
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another suggestion...when we are searching for an item for a quest...we can see what farm has the item...it would be nice if we could choose the item we need and then be able to go to that farm with the item highlighted. thank- you

Last edited by Tiger; Jan 21 2020 at 05:28 AM. Reason: Mod note: post copied to H&S to answer part of their request
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Old Jan 22 2020, 05:13 PM
texans texans is offline
Join Date: Aug 22 2012
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Default Ncc

This week the Beauty Salon [FC] was the lowest point giver. Even a coin service facility gave out more points. This needs changed/updated.
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Old Jan 24 2020, 02:27 AM
texans texans is offline
Join Date: Aug 22 2012
Posts: 101
Default Increase of Non-Workable Factories

It is my suggestion that either the Non-workable factories now become workable. Or, that they are drastically upgraded! I myself along with many of my neighbors keep shutting down our Farm Cash Factories or no longer purchase some due to the fact we cannot have the products to support more due to not having sufficient amount of products.

Thanks for everything you have done with things in the past to give us more! It is simply not enough to meet our demand.

Farmers. That Love Farm Town.
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Old Jan 25 2020, 08:57 AM
james_a_thompson james_a_thompson is offline
Join Date: Mar 11 2011
Posts: 55

I know I've asked before but please "fix" the Facility Chains Manager Export function (window) so it's like the Import function (window) showing ONLY possible export players. Currently, if you have more than 10 neighbors for one facility, you have to scroll through the players, click to Export, wait for refresh, scroll through the players, click to Export, wait for refresh, etc...
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Old Jan 25 2020, 12:10 PM
Tractor Man Tractor Man is offline
Join Date: Jun 06 2009
Posts: 50

Would it be possible to have a few more slots at bottom of the page for frequently used tools please. Maybe give us the option to reduce the neighbors showing and use some of that space.

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Old Jan 26 2020, 07:52 AM
texans texans is offline
Join Date: Aug 22 2012
Posts: 101
Default Semi products

This is really sad. I have 40 semi's and have no yeast, no meats, no leather, no kevlar fiber, no lye or even Glycerol. I do have Lard and Brown Gravy. About all I have and once those are gone that's it. I will be using all of my Cow Trotters and Dried Seaweed. Once bonuses are gone those will disappear. This must be fixed, a lot of people have been riding on gifts for meats instead of using farm cash items. Take away the gift meats and you'll have a lot of people complaining.

My idea is too give us either all back the farm cash we spent on semi's and make it a coin item. Since, most is gift. Or increase the capacity of our semi's tremendously to make them worth our farm cash spent. Second idea would be the easiest and better for us that play daily. We want the ability to have more products. Those that don't buy farm cash are coasting by while those who spend farm cash have to shut down. NOT FAIR. However, another idea came from a friend of mine to have SUPER SEMI's but basically I feel we already have earned that. OR, have it to where our semi's are in a way like the trains (able to boost)

Thanks for listening.

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Old Jan 27 2020, 12:55 PM
RomanticSoul RomanticSoul is offline
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would be nice if we could move dispatched trains. and not have to wait for them to return to move trains on farms after expending our farms.

Visit 's Farm

DB:W20, MPS:C20
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Old Jan 27 2020, 02:45 PM
tracy marie tracy marie is offline
Join Date: Oct 14 2019
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Default quests

would it not be beneficial for all users if you lowered the cost to buy the facilities …. if the facilities were bought with coins it would be better. but I cant seem to finish quests because I don't have money to spend on this game. please change it from farm dollars to coins. thanks.
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Old Feb 02 2020, 03:43 PM
KCJ KCJ is offline
Join Date: Dec 26 2010
Location: California USA
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Default Bait & fish farms

It would be wonderful if you could give us a way to upgrade our fish farms to a super one. There is never enough bait, or shrimp, etc. I have one on every farm, but even 40 is not enough. Want to upgrade existing not add a new one.
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Old Feb 03 2020, 08:23 AM
leighwj1960 leighwj1960 is offline
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Location: South Houston, TX
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Currently if an item is unchecked in the facility it is not included in the totals of the ingredient planner. I would like an option to include these items in the ingredient planner calculation since I usually have the items unchecked so I can build up stock. There is no easy was to see when I have enough stock built up to begin using the item.
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