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Old Dec 23 2020, 03:20 PM
Raul Raul is offline
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Default Game Migration Updates

We released a workaround to enable support for WebGL 1.0 again, all players that disabled Hardware Acceleration in the Chrome browser, please enable it again, as this can cause unexpected problems with the game.

Game Migration Updates: Latest update released on January 7th, 12:30PM En Español AQUI

Details about the migration and releases prior to December 23rd are in the following thread:

In this update we released new content like farm expansions, facilities and a new Turbo Bakery and also migrated old features to the new version of the game.

The section below shows the details on the new content released:

1. 27 New Holiday decorations (released a few weeks ago): 2 as gift, 20 at the top of the Holidays category at the store and 5 at the bottom.

2. Next 52x52 farm expansions for Farms 31 through 44: They cost 50 FarmCash or 60000000000 Coins.

3. Turbo Bakery (FC): This is a new facility that produces 3 times more baked products than the current Bakery.

4. Other improvements:

- Added option to the 'Edit Farm Name' screen to customize the 'freeze animals' behavior per farm, this will allow to freeze animals only on farms that contains many animals while still enjoying live animated animals on other farms
- Added 'Private' red text in chat when sending private chat messages to others
- The Multiplanter tool now remember the category and scroll position every time the store is opened
- A farmer banned for communication in public places will have its avatar label text always set to 'Temporarily Banned'

- Bugfix: Removed many cases of the 'WebGL Disabled' error by upgrading to a new Unity version
- Bugfix: When hired and leaving the employers farm to go to another location that is not another employers farm, if you haven't collected your employee bonus before leaving the farm the warning message about losing the bonus was not showing up
- Bugfix: Sometimes incorrect tooltip info text is shown when mouse over the status buttons to the right of the screen in the marketplaces
- When loading the game with Seasonal decorations hidden, red squares were showing in their positions by default

5. Chilean Restaurant (Coins): Produces Chilean Food.

Parmesan Clams
Crab Pie
Chilean Empanadas
Chilean Chorrillana
Chilean Beef Stew
Chilean Seafood Stew

6. Fashion Clothing Factory (FC): Produces Fashion Clothing.

Designer Outfit
Designer Pink Outfit
Designer Lace Dress
Designer Satin Dress
Designer Jacket
Rabbit Fur Coat
Long Leather Coat
Velvet Suit Jacket

7. Taste of Chile (Coins): Provides Chile Cultural Exchange and Food Tasting Services and can be stocked with products from the Chilean Restaurant.

8. Fashion World (FC): Provides Fashion Shows Venue Services and can be stocked with products from the Fashion Clothing Factory.

The section below shows the details about old features migrated to the new version and all bug fixes:
  • Enabled animations for the Mobile Sprinklers, Watering Can and Manure Spreader tools
  • Enabled avatar images in several areas in the game
  • Enabled Mayor image in popups
  • Enabled the 'Mute In This Session' option in the avatar menu so you can temporarily mute a farmer in the marketplace
  • Enabled old style quests for novice players at levels below 50
  • When working together with a hired employee on a farm, the white text messages alerting you of the work your employee is doing will disappear when you mouse over them, this way they will not interfere with your own work



Post Release Updates - January 7th, 12:30PM

- Bugfix: Farms showing completely 'zoomed in' for some users from non-English speaking countries
- Bugfix: Facility names not showing in Quest screens when mouse over the facility icon
- Bugfix: Farm Selector from Home Icon in markets disappearing too quickly
- Bugfix: Incorrect female clothes in avatar editor when creating new accounts

- Enabled warning when loading farms with duplicated Farm Cash facilities
- Added avatar/facebook pic to the 'Set as Super Neighbour' screen

Moderator Additional Notes:
The developers have asked us to move posts into several threads in order for them to be able to find particular issues by category easier, which will help them considerably.

Please bear with us as this does mean that your posts may no longer be where you originally posted.

If you're not familiar with how to find your posts on the forum and you want to find your post, then you will need to click on this link for the instructions. It's worth while you doing this as you will find it much easier not only now but in the future should you require help with the game:http://r1.slashkey.com/forum/showthread.php?t=594766


  • Flags, Avatars, Animals, Mobile Sprinklers and Manure Spreaders animations are added back to the game.
  • Animated decorations - Static versions of these are added back to the game.

Preferences: Show Coins and XP Animations is disabled.

Avatar images: added back to various areas of the game

Any features greyed out in your toolbox are not available to use yet.
  • Facility Chains Manager, Mini Games, Trophies.

Available to Use:
Flower Freezer- Unfreezer Tool, Farm Selection when clicking on the Home Icon to return home, Show Work Info Legend is now clickable to show farm work by specific type, Flags are animated, Trading Warehouse and Online Trading, Music and Sounds, Super Facility, Quests (both types), Super Neighbouring, Gift Box, Farm Selector Manager, Map, Realtor Office, Hiring from Markets, Inn, Fuel Station, The Bank, Belts and Dans, Language changes, Search tool in your toolbox, Camera, Farm Stats, Show Times, NCC, Hide Tool in Tool box, Red squares when showing and then hiding items, Ships, Show Facility Info.

Last edited by Tiger; Jan 07 2022 at 01:15 PM.
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Old Dec 23 2020, 03:34 PM
JNelson JNelson is offline
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clarify - does this mean we will be able to plant and harvest etc... but will not be able to fill/work facilities?

will bonuses be postable?

will we be able to fish?

will we be able to sell in the marketplace?
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Old Dec 23 2020, 03:37 PM
TerriFlynn TerriFlynn is offline
Join Date: Apr 15 2010
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Thank you for the update, Raul. Merry Christmas to you and your team! Stay safe and well.
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Old Dec 23 2020, 03:42 PM
bruhelmboldt's Avatar
bruhelmboldt bruhelmboldt is offline
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Location: Redmond, WA, USA
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Thanks for all your hard work. STAY SAFE and farm on.
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Old Dec 23 2020, 03:44 PM
redjade27 redjade27 is offline
Join Date: Aug 03 2009
Posts: 85

Thank you! Looking forward to seeing the new version.
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Old Dec 23 2020, 03:45 PM
Walkies Walkies is offline
Join Date: Feb 07 2015
Posts: 76

thanks for all your long hours of hard work, just so we can sit back and enjoy the game!! Wow!
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Old Dec 23 2020, 03:45 PM
marymarcel's Avatar
marymarcel marymarcel is offline
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Originally Posted by JNelson View Post
clarify - does this mean we will be able to plant and harvest etc... but will not be able to fill/work facilities?

will bonuses be postable?

will we be able to fish?

will we be able to sell in the marketplace?
Hi JNelson

You will be able to harvest/plow/plant crops, harvest/chop trees, harvest flowers and fishing.

As Raul stated full facility functionality will come in a few weeks.
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Old Dec 23 2020, 04:06 PM
enelyaa enelyaa is offline
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Location: Spain
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Thanks for your efforts and hard work. These are Highly appreciated!
Stay safe and happy holidays!
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Old Dec 23 2020, 04:23 PM
Dan H Dan H is offline
Join Date: Mar 06 2011
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Thank you for the update, Raul.

It's not always an easy process migrating from one software to another, I know what you are going through. But, in time, all will be complete and back to normal. You and your team's dedication and hard work is very much appreciated.

Take time to spend with family and friends during this holiday season - Here's wishing you and the team a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Dan H
Farming since April 19, 2009
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Old Dec 23 2020, 04:27 PM
crich54 crich54 is offline
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Smile Update

thank you to all people working on keeping FT going and the updates to us long time players
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