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Old Feb 11 2022, 04:45 AM
Walkies Walkies is offline
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I saw a comment about the unfairness of the NCC.
They suggested an opt-out button. Yes there is an opt out button but there are quite clearly people who have no idea that they have worked facilities which cause them to be included in the current competition. There are farmers who compete fiercely only to be dragged down by their neighbours who have maybe three or four facilities but have only worked one and have gained forty points! Perhaps you could eliminate these people from the competition. Perhaps the bottom two or three could not be counted. Perhaps we could have a button saying which players we don't wish to include in our team! Perhaps an opt-in button instead of an opt-out.
I had one neighbour who did almost nothing one week and then thanked me for helping him to get into the top three!!! He didn't seem to realise that his tactics worked for him but were frustrating if not infuriating for his neighbours. Perhaps a neighbour who scores less than a hundred points could not be included in the score of a dedicated and competitive player!


Saturday morning.
I see I have a neighbour with two facilities in the NCC and she has scored one point. This is not helping me. She is obviously not aware she is in the competition.
I had an idea for an opt-in button. When the new competition begins, how about a pop-up with a green tick to say yes we wish to take part in this week's competition. This way, anyone who works a facility for some other reason without meaning to be in the ncc does not get her one point dragging down all her neighbours.
Unless you think this would make us worse off because we get points for the number of neighbours in the competition.

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Old Mar 27 2022, 06:38 AM
Dana1971 Dana1971 is offline
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Default Different colored number

I would love to be able to do the co-op's but I have arthritis real bad and when you have to look at every neighbor's co-op to see if they have something that will Help you with Yours, well, that's A lot of clicking...so, since we have a number by the one's we can help, can we PLZ get a different colored number by the one's that have something that we can buy from them to help with ours so we don't have to do a very time consuming search.

Thanks so much
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Old Apr 04 2022, 10:51 PM
Parrot mom Parrot mom is offline
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Default 32 hours to complete the final step in coop quest?

I suggest that the cooperative quest to Load Red Wine Aged 4 Years into a Service Facility be tweaked to change the amount of time it takes to complete the final step of 32 hours! Seriously, I've been doing these challenges for a long time and I've never seen one take 32 hours (or 1.3 days) to complete a final step before. My time for the challenge will expire well before the 32 hours is up, which means wasted efforts. Is this a new thing, or is this something I just haven't encountered before? It narrows the time we have to find or request ingredients to get to the final step if we need to reserve 32 hours to complete the final step. I've seen 6 hours before, but 32 hours to complete the final step seems ridiculous to me! How many other quests like this one are out there now that we won't know about until we click the step to complete them and realize the quest will expire before it will be completed, because it takes more than a day to complete it?
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Old Apr 07 2022, 08:20 PM
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It would be nice if, when facilities are worked, there was a decent chance that quest items would be among those completed. It's so frustrating to have a four-hour item with only three hours to go.
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Old Apr 10 2022, 06:15 PM
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It would save time if the Import screen closed once you've imported the products and took you back to the main screen.
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Old Apr 13 2022, 06:15 PM
daveb daveb is offline
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I understand how the NCC works but my issue is with adding facilities after the competition has started. When selecting the groups it tries to make it as fair as possible. The problem is that people are behind at the start of the competition and will purchase whatever they need to boost their score to win, making the competition unfair. I don't mind them buying new facilities but they should be added so that when worked they only get one xp, not 1 xp * (the number of neighbors they have in the contest). This would at least keep it fair throughout the game week! This is my suggestion .

Another issue is people will not work their NCC facs until the start of the competition so that they get into an easier group. I told a friend to do this and has won most of the time since then. I do not do this, but I would like the NCC to stay fair throughout the week!

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Old May 31 2022, 08:36 AM
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I have load standing spray as a co-op quest. It requires four flowers (purple orchid, glads, orange lily and carnation) that are only used in this one product. I have to get five items, the flowers and the spray itself, and I have four helpies. The chances of completing this quest do not seem high.

Please either increase the number of helpies for this quest by one, or use the flowers in more products so the chances of getting them would be better. thx
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Old Jun 07 2022, 01:22 PM
closerfan closerfan is offline
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Is it possible to be able to see what the individual quest is before we accept the challenge? I'm getting irritated when I have to use Farm Cash to buy a facility when this could all be avoided with a simple "decline" button.
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Old Jun 07 2022, 11:46 PM
Tom C Tom C is offline
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When the Neighborhood chain contest was done the brown square use to turn blue I wish it would do that again I keep for getting about the contest.

Farming since April 26 2009
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Old Jun 18 2022, 08:31 AM
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Getting what you need finished ingredient wise when you're not doing a quest is a pain in the butt. I'm in need of asphalt barrels, no matter how much I fill my facility for it, it seems to be taking forever. And we can't buy from our non-neighbours unless they are at the market. It would be easier if we have the warehouse symbol next to the co-op quests.
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