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Old May 11 2015, 12:43 PM
aemt444 aemt444 is offline
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Originally Posted by aemt444 View Post
Im struggling with wanting to continue with this game . My issue is there is so much money needed to upgrade farms, buy new farms, purchase facilities and other things that have to be bought with fc. I wouldnt mind sinking a little bit of money into this but seriously its 40 bucks for 250 fc which can be used up VERY quickly trying to upgrade farms or buy facilities.
I can't sink the kind of money youd have to put into this to really start upgrading etc. I thought when I started you could buy and upgrade farms for at most a million.. now its billions... come on now that seems excessive to me. I can't put hundreds of my real life money into this to adequately play the game . Am I missing something? Is there a more realistic way to purchase upgrades etc ?

THis is really bumming me out!! ( I been playing this for years but can't keep throwing excessive amounts or real life money into it)

P.S. I know I earn farm cash by leveling up and quests and I do that . Im level 570 or so. But even if I earned a farm cash a day that would only let me level up one farm a month.
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Old May 11 2015, 01:58 PM
whosyou? whosyou? is offline
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Originally Posted by aemt444 View Post
P.S. I know I earn farm cash by leveling up and quests and I do that . Im level 570 or so. But even if I earned a farm cash a day that would only let me level up one farm a month.
The farm upgrades are for coins,not FC.If you choose to upgrade farms for your FC rather than buying a coin generating facility,unless you have and want to throw FC at the game,you are doing it wrong.

A person can easily make a few billion coins a week whilst only playing a few hours a week.I have spent some cash....but I do not own a majority of the FC factories/services.Nor do I own most of the big tools or trains.I have 5 active neighbors that I work their stuff at least once a week,which nets me almost 350-400 Million coins per week.Just running my factories once a week adds about 400-600 million (depends if I have duplicate coin factories running).Other people make 10 billion a week.The cost of the farms is simply to give a coin sink for the most active players earning so much.I still only have 20 farms with the last 8 at 18x18....and I am good with that for now.Not in a hurry since there is no 1st place or competition to "force" me to play at a faster pace.It might take me a few weeks,or even a month or 2 to get enough coins to upgrade....but I am good with playing tuttle the turtle.
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Old May 11 2015, 04:31 PM
aemt444 aemt444 is offline
Join Date: Apr 23 2010
Posts: 6

I dont know how people make 10 billion a week because Im at like 9 1/2 billion total now after a long time playing this. Clearly I already made mistakes by buying tools and such. I only have like 20 farms myself and they are no where near upgraded to their max. I know that no one forces me to play at a faster pace and all but I really feel that 250 farm cash for 40 dollars when many things cost 35 40 or even 50 farm cash is excessive for the type of game this is . I guess I hoped someone had some miracle answer of how to accrue cash or coins more easily. I also felt the need to vent and part of me kind of hoped those that set up the cash for coins or farm cash quotas might consider some changes .
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Old May 24 2015, 08:35 PM
windella windella is offline
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Default Purchases/facilites/tools

I spend money on this game. But it's to a point that there are so many things I can't do because I can't spend 40$ every week on facilities.
My biggest complaint was that I finally earned enough farmcash to get a larger harvesting combine but then I find out I have to buy the separate plow and harvester before I am allowed to buy the next combine!
That doesn't seem fair. Why do I need to buy things I am not going to use?
or I get through a quest and realize I don't have that facility and it's farm cash, not coins. Frustrating.
Last - people who do cooperative quests need someway to see each other in the market. how about that same blue dot in their name plate that is in the "friend" box.

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Old May 24 2015, 09:16 PM
SherriX2 SherriX2 is offline
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Ive quit all other games but this one. I to spend my real money to play ( a lot ) and can not do that anymore. Ive been playing this game since it started. I did have to take a break for a while because I was spending to much real money. I only have 5 farms.....
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Old May 25 2015, 08:45 AM
Farmer Tony Farmer Tony is offline
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Originally Posted by whosyou? View Post
This is a business...a business is for making money.Do you have a secret way to earn a living,run this game,make updates and keep players (most ) happy and do it all for free?You also realize you are not required to purchase anything right?Everything that cost FC is a "want",not a need.

Curious...if the game is "boring",why are you playing and complaining about buying more "boring" items?

Keep up the great work Slashkey!

This game is only what you make it to be. You can play 100% FREE if you like or if you "choose" you can spend cold hard cash to by fancy extras.

I have one neighbor who is been playing for years who only has 4 farms and is completely happy to keep it that way, nice and simple. I make it point to always help out when she posts her facilities which is only once every few weeks because it takes her that long to get them full. And even those are only about half of the coin facilities. LOVE that neighbor and love talking with her, she is always happy and she truly enjoys playing this game.

$40 a month, really? I could FULLY outfit multiple accounts with that kind of money.

A few years ago I was playing a game that I did spend real money on and it got to the point where I felt it was to much and I really wasn't enjoying it. Want to know what I did? I quit the game and blocked the app.

I better get back to my farm now and see if my neighbor is home. Cheers.
"Time is Short" - King

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Old May 26 2015, 02:15 AM
Orca Linda
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I have to agree, I love playing farmtown and decorating my farms. However, I wonder why the prices keep going up to up grade the farms. I can't afford to continue up grading my famrs and yet I would like them biggr. Maybe take into consideration why up grading is so expensive and consider lowering the prices for up grading. I can't afford to continue purchsing all the new farms that are coming out. thank u
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Old May 26 2015, 06:21 AM
bluehair bluehair is offline
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I have stopped spending money on facilities and instead spend money on tools to help make things faster. I am currently earning farm cash doing quests.
my farms are the names of the Greek Alphabet.
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Old May 29 2015, 04:21 PM
CareTerr CareTerr is offline
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I too have played FT almost from the beginning. Of course FT is a business; but so is my game. I run my farms like a business on a budget. I have to re-prioritize all the time. I make sure I keep up with buying facilities, so I budget that much real money every month. When I don't think I can afford bigger tools or bigger farms, I tighten things up - inventory trees and flowers and figure what's needed, then stream-line into one-click plots, saving space for more crops or whatever. I also use the green hand to hide ugly or extra facilities, tools, or barns. If I can't enlarge or buy another farm, I better-manage the space on the ones I have. Happy Farming.
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Old May 29 2015, 10:27 PM
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servocrow servocrow is offline
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I have played the game since nearly the beginning. There was a time when I could spend about $30/monthly on the game, but things happened in life where that luxury was taken away. And guess what??? For me, this game is just as enjoyable whether I have all the bells and whistles or not. I PLAY AT MY OWN PACE. Do I have all the latest tools? NO. DO I have all the FC facilities? NO (haven't been able to purchase any for a few years). Do I always get the max FC doing Quests and CQs? NO. Do I have all my farms maxed out? Certainly NOT.

It doesn't matter. I don't feel like I'm missing anything. These are my farms. It is my game, and I am playing my way. I don't believe there is another game on FB that allows one to do that, and I am grateful.

It's a game, not a competition...enjoy at your own pace.

Blessed are the thin-skinned for they shall make life miserable for everyone else.

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