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Old Jun 08 2019, 07:46 AM
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Default Puffin browser - iPads, tablets and mobiles

Although Farm Town is not officially supported for playing on iPads, tablets and mobiles we are aware that users have liked to do this.

To be clear: Slashkey recommends you play Farm Town using a laptop or a computer using a browser that will enable WebGL and Hardware acceleration.

The game is bigger now so there will be devices that would struggle with loading the bigger heavier farms.

We are a long way off knowing exactly what is going to be possible to do on mobiles and tablets at the moment so we don't advise buying a new mobile or tablet if Farm Town won't load on what you currently have.

If you are viewing this post on a mobile device you can try clicking on this link to take you to the website where you will need to use your registration details to log in to be able to play:
OR you can click on the Play in Farmtown.com button at the top of the forum.

Information on the previous commonly used Puffin Browsers:

Puffin Pro (paid version) as of 1st January 2023, has been retired and no longer has support so will not work for android devices, iPads or iPhones.

Puffin (free version) is working on Android devices at the moment.

iPhone/iPad browser with the new iOS version 17.1.1:
Errors when loading the game on these specific devices were fixed on Nov 21,2023.

If you decide to look for another browser compatible with your mobile device you also need to take the following into consideration:
  • Before you try browsers on your mobile devices, especially if you have large or heavy farms, turn off everything in your preferences like show crops etc so you have less to load while you try them. Try making your default farm one that is either the smallest size or has the least amount of items on it so there is less to load when you try.

  • Update software and optimise your devices so that are as up to date as they can be.

  • Browsers for mobile devices don't always give you access to use a keyboard on them so if you can't access one or it doesn't work, you won't be able to chat/send messages. Those tend to only have a basic keyboard so you won't be able to use keyboard shortcuts to copy paste.

    If you already own a portable keyboard like a Bluetooth keyboard that is compatible with your mobile devices and you can link to your mobile device, you might be able to use that to type in various areas within the game, but to be crystal clear we do not know if that would work on every type of mobile device or if it will prove easy to do!
    If you don't already own one, see if you can borrow one to try before you go to any expense of buying one incase you find it's not worthwhile to get one!
    We do not provide instructions for using portable keyboards on mobile devices as there is no way for us to determine what method or keyboard would work on every type. There are also no guarantees that those would continue to work.

  • You may find the game much slower to load so you may only want to be doing basic things like sending ships, boosting friends trains, co-ops rather than working large and heavy farms. This is something you will just have to try and see what you can and like to do on your mobile device.

  • The browser you try must be up to date. Cookies and Popups must be allowed in the browser.

    If on first load if it's taking quite some time to load the game even with nothing showing in your game preferences like crops etc, or the game won't load or crashes, you can try requesting the desktop version of the browser which is usually in the browser settings (usually 3 dots or 3 horizontal lines top right of the browser address bar). You can also try refreshing the browser.

    Please remember that browsers in general and those that you might find will work for mobiles/tablets are updating frequently. There are NO guarantees that they will continue to work for Farm Town using those devices.

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