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Old Dec 31 2020, 06:25 AM
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Default Loading Issues - stuck at Green/Black/Gray Screen

Loading Issues - Loading stuck at Green/Black/Gray Screen

This thread is thread is closed for posting for the time being.

The developers have asked us to split all the most recent posts into several threads in order for them to be able to find particular issues by category easier, which will help them considerably.

Please bare with us as this does mean that your posts may no longer be where you originally posted.

If you're not familiar with how to find your posts on the forum and you want to find your post, then you will need to click on this link for the instructions. It's worth while you doing this as you will find it much easier not only now but in the future should you require help with the game:


Posts about Memory loss or WebGL issues are loacted here, if you wish to view them, you can not post in that thread:

Posts about Specific Issues or Bugs - What is currently available to use, but may not be performing correctly are located here, you can not post in that thread:

All other Questions about what should or should not be available in the new version of the game or reporting a tool not working go here:

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Old Jan 13 2021, 02:52 AM
ChristineMJ ChristineMJ is offline
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Default Web Conversion

user ID 100002064100422. Black screen, message saying browser does not support Web Assembly
Old Jan 13 2021, 03:56 AM
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Default Loading the game

ID USER 1410030366. I have problems with loading the game. It comes up to the point that I arrive on my farm, I can see the name of the farm and the neighbours' bar at the bottom and then suddenly from green my screen turns to grey!
Old Jan 13 2021, 04:17 AM
peli13 peli13 is offline
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Default game wont load

i cant load the game at all.
it stops on a black screen.
im using google chrome.
Old Jan 13 2021, 04:29 AM
rindydvm@msn.com rindydvm@msn.com is offline
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Default can't load game at all

I have tried numerous times to load Farm Town and I just get a black screen that never advances to the Farm Town game. Am I doing something wrong? Gene
Old Jan 13 2021, 04:30 AM
gorby6000 gorby6000 is offline
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Default user 100000069259030 while fishing on a layered farm number

green screen,
2021-01-13 10:29:08.258 ERRORCould not allocate memory: System out of memory!
Trying to allocate: 48B with 16 alignment. MemoryLabel: (null)
Allocation happened at: Line:0 in Overloaded New
2021-01-13 10:29:09.662 ERROR{"isTrusted":true}
2021-01-13 10:29:09.726 ERROR{"isTrusted":true}
2021-01-13 10:29:09.839 ERROR{"isTrusted":true}
2021-01-13 10:29:09.878 ERROR{"isTrusted":true}
2021-01-13 10:29:09.917 ERROR{"isTrusted":true}
2021-01-13 10:29:09.954 ERROR{"isTrusted":true}
2021-01-13 10:29:10.146 ERROR{"isTrusted":true}
2021-01-13 10:29:10.186 ERROR{"isTrusted":true}
2021-01-13 10:29:10.223 ERROR{"isTrusted":true}
2021-01-13 10:29:10.262 ERROR{"isTrusted":true}
2021-01-13 10:29:10.301 ERROR{"isTrusted":true}
2021-01-13 10:29:10.422 ERROR{"isTrusted":true}
2021-01-13 10:29:10.485 ERROR{"isTrusted":true}
2021-01-13 10:29:10.816 ERROR{"isTrusted":true}
2021-01-13 10:29:10.880 ERROR{"isTrusted":true}
2021-01-13 10:29:10.917 ERROR{"isTrusted":true}
2021-01-13 10:29:10.954 ERROR{"isTrusted":true}
2021-01-13 10:29:11.046 ERROR{"isTrusted":true}
Old Jan 13 2021, 04:33 AM
Rina van der Westhuizen Rina van der Westhuizen is offline
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1. USER ID number is: 100000260079219 on Firefox Browser
2. Stuck on WHITE
3. 2021-01-13 10:29:37.320 INFOCheckpoint-U-55 - Init ItemDefs
2021-01-13 10:29:37.874 WARNFatal: NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
2021-01-13 10:29:37.878 ERRORNullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
Old Jan 13 2021, 04:45 AM
gruntjr gruntjr is offline
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ID # 1769540875
Stuck on Black screen
Check Point B-000
Old Jan 13 2021, 04:47 AM
Roelie Roelie is offline
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ID 100000201872288
Stop on white screen message at bottom.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
Old Jan 13 2021, 04:49 AM
Turkeychapstick Turkeychapstick is offline
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Unhappy Loading Problems

Good Morning!

My game still won't load. The black page suddenly switches to the grey page and a little sad face. The last checkpoint is U-55. ID 1609895615

Thank you

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