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Old Oct 30 2013, 07:03 AM
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Default Quests, Co-op Quests & Facility Chains

Hello Everyone, the Developers would like to thank everyone for the suggestions in the past , they have made a note of all the current requests and have asked us to reset all the top posts and start afresh. All previous requests have been archived.

Please continue to post NEW suggestions.

In another effort to streamline these threads and to make all members feel comfortable with posting suggestions, comments or replying to suggestions is not allowed and will be removed.

Please use this post to suggest changing / additions to Quests, Co-op Quests, or Facility Chains.
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Old Apr 16 2020, 01:21 AM
sestree sestree is offline
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It would be wonderful if we could do something to streamline the facilities chain manager. Even a simple being able to "import all" would help. It's quite time consuming at the moment.

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Old May 11 2020, 05:44 AM
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Only have small farm and not much time to work it. Many facs in storage because short of space. When facility chains says no facs to chain, no idea if might have some in storage to get out and chain. Be useful to have it say which week it is, if FC or coins, produce or service.
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Old May 13 2020, 03:51 AM
Sqrl Sqrl is offline
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In facility chains, after the amount of products to import maybe you could put in brackets how much it will cost to import? I got caught out the other day because I ran out of money....
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Old May 17 2020, 12:59 PM
Sqrl Sqrl is offline
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Me again! In the facility chains screem, how about being able to hide incomplete chains so we can work through the completed ones more quickly?
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