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Old Yesterday, 01:09 PM
johncinj johncinj is offline
Join Date: Jan 27 2015
Location: Idaho
Posts: 18

Zucchini Wrap Grouper: Cauliflower, grouper, zucchini.

Egg Firfir: Wheat, black pepper, cow milk, flour, ground black pepper, oregano, clove, ginger, garlic, butter, bread, peppers, tomatoes, onions, spiced clarified butter, hen eggs, buy egg firfir. No facility.

Chef Coat: Walnuts, soybean, silk worms, cotton, black ink, silk textile roll, cotton textile roll.

Knife Set: Crude oil, pine log pile, walnuts, petrochemical, chromite ore, iron ore, pine lumber pile, black pigment, plastic granules, stainless steel sheet, buy knife set.

Perfume: Crude oil, vanilla, peaches, iris, petrochemical, pink rose, vanilla essential oil, peach essential oil, iris essential oil, pink rose essential oil, ethanol, buy perfume.

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Old Yesterday, 06:03 PM
Hayseed C Hayseed C is offline
Join Date: Sep 04 2009
Location: UK
Posts: 32

Shower Frame - soda crystals, quartz rock, aluminum ore, flat glass sheet, aluminum sheet

Abdominal Machine - crude oil barrel, petrochemical barrel, walnuts, turpentine, latex, aluminum ore, black pigment, rubber sheet, aluminum sheet

Movie Trophy - Ebony log pile, ebony lumber pile, pile of gold nuggets

Ice Hole Insulator - crude oil barrel, walnuts, soybean, petrochemical barrel, black ink, foam sheets

Wooden Dummy - oak log pile, linen rope, flax

If you buy something please leave a note on my farm as I might need the same.
If you find I have run out of anything please let me know and I'll try to re-stock

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Old Today, 10:02 AM
LizaLee LizaLee is offline
Join Date: May 21 2010
Posts: 37

Brick-Iron Fence --- walnuts, limestone rock, sand wagon, clay block, soybean, cement sack, iron ore, black ink, mortar sack, bricks. 3.8 days

Halo Halo --- corn, cinnamon bundle, sugarcane, grain alcohol, sugar, lemons, vanilla, vanilla extract, hen eggs, cow milk, cream, iimes, lemon extract, lime extract, gelatin, vanilla ice cream, flan, plantains, palm fruit, coconut, lime gelatin, halo halo. 2.8 days (not the way I am used to making halo halo --no sweet beans and jack fruit, no shaved ice-- but you work with what they tell you)

Po Boy Sandwich --- lettuce, apples, cider barrel, mustard, turmeric, wheat, flour, turmeric powder, flour, olives, garlic, corn, cider barrel, mustard seed, mustard, mayonnaise, corn flour, catfish, hen eggs, apple cider vinegar, bread, Po Boy Sandwich. 1.8 days

Remote Control Car --- copper ore, crude oil, walnuts, copper sheet, petrochemical, chromite ore, iron ore, latex, turpentine, rubber sheet, stainless steel sheet, graphite ore, carbon steel sheet, black pigment, antenna, motor, plastic granules. 3.8 days

Cue Tips --- 2.3 days leather roll, Arabic gum, cue tips.

Should you buy something please let me know as I may need it also. Thanks. Usually have enough if you need something.
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Old Today, 03:07 PM
BabsLeb BabsLeb is offline
Join Date: Nov 16 2010
Posts: 5

Load Dock Panel, 1.2 days: aluminum ore, teak log pile, aluminum sheet, teak lumber pile, dock panel.

Load Unicycle, 3.2 days: crude oil barrel, petrochemical barrel, chromite ore, iron ore, turpentine, latex, stainless steel sheet, rubber sheet, unicycle.

Produce German Wheel, 2.6 days: aluminum ore, aluminum sheet.

Produce Fire Sprinkler, 3.7 days: beets, soybean, soda crystals, quartz rock, zinc ore, copper ore, red ink, glycerol, flat glass sheet, brass sheet.

Produce Viewing Binoculars, 4.4 days: walnuts, soybean, soda crystals, quartz rock, chromite ore, iron ore, black ink, lens, stainless steel sheet.

Happy shopping!

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co-op ingredients

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