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Default Forum Etiquette

Welcome to the Official Farm Town Forum! The primary functions of this forum are to provide an area for players to submit feedback to the developers, provide assistance to players and for all Farm Town enthusiasts to sit back and get to know one another. By following the tips below you will help to ensure that this forum remains a happy and relaxing place for everyone.


Typing using all capital letters is discouraged because it is considered yelling.

Advertising Or Spamming

Any form of advertisement of any nature is not permitted. Any posts containing advertisements depicting commercial products or personal websites will be removed by a moderator. To report this please click the report button located at the top right of every post.

Please do not comment on the Spam posts or quote them in any post.

Controversial Topics

There are various topics that are inappropriate for this forum. Topics such as religion, politics, and sexuality are prohibited and will be removed by a moderator.

Discussing Moderators/Developers Actions

If you have any questions or concerns about actions taken by Moderators, for example if they have closed or merged your thread or deleted one of your posts, please don't discuss this on the open forum. Instead, send a private message either to the Moderator concerned, or to the Senior Moderator: Taz D.

Please Note: at times regular members may be assisting Moderators or Developers on a problem , this will generally be done via Private Messages or E-Mail. Please do not comment on any discussions you are involved with on the open forum.

Everyone Is Entitled Their Own Opinion

Do not show disrespect or belittle someone for their opinion. If you feel the need to disagree with someone, do so in a polite and mature manner.


Emoticons or Smilies are the little faces that you are able to add to your posts. Use these to further convey what you are trying to say. Unlike talking face to face with someone, your facial expressions and the tone of your voice are not recognizable to someone reading your post. So, to avoid miscommunication, use the Smilies.

Everyone Makes Mistakes

Someone may post things that are inaccurate. Be kind and don't flame them or laugh at them. Instead, politely make note of the mistake and allow that person to correct it.


Flaming means posting insulting comments towards other users. Insults are not welcome here.

Game Exploits

Do not post about cheats, cheaters, hacks, bots, gift links or any other form of questionable game play in the forum. If you are concerned about any of these things or know of someone doing these things, private message one of the moderators or report them to the developers.


Highjacking means posting a comment in a thread that has little or nothing to do with the original subject of that thread. Always read the first post in a thread before replying.

Helping Others

When helping others never make assumptions about what that person may know or not know about Farm Town, forums, or computers. Keep your answers detailed and precise. Avoid using internet jargon such as LOL (laugh out loud), PM (private message) or Dev (developer). Be patient. We were all "newbies" at one point.

Naming Your Thread

Be precise when naming your thread. Threads entitled "Help" or "I'm so mad" will be given the lowest priority.

Need Help?

1. Do your homework. Search through “Forum Guide" , the "Game Guide" and the "Trouble Shooting" threads. There is a wealth of information in these threads, among others, that just may answer your question and also questions that you may have in the future.

2. Always search for the appropriate thread to post in and read the first post within that thread. Top posts more often than not will include the answer to your question or the information that the developers are asking for to help solve any issues. If the answer is not included in that top post search throughout the thread. If you still need to post your question explain exactly what is happening and everything you have tried thus far to resolve the problem. Be precise and informative about your problem.

3. Before asking for help in the Help and Support section of the forum, Clear your Cache, Cookies, Browsing History, Macromedia Cache Files etc. then restart your browser. Uninstall Flashplayer, restart your computer and download the latest version of Flashplayer from the Adobe site. Link your account to the forum. Linking needs to be done manually because the button above the forum is currently out of order. By simply using the search function you will find instructions on how to do all the above.

No Response

If nobody has replied to your post don't take it personally. No response is not the same thing as being ignored and does not in any way imply that no one cares about you or the game. There are several possible explanations. We are all in different time zones so there may not be anyone available at that moment to help you. There simply is no further advice to be given that is not already included in the original post. The intent of that specific thread is to supply information to developers not to receive help or advice.

Outside Links

Any post that contains an unapproved link to another website will be removed by a moderator. This includes your email address. If you would like to be contacted when someone replies to your post, subscribe to that thread using the "subscribe to thread" button. If you want to obtain approval to post an outside link that you feel will benefit the forum and its users you will need to private message that link to one of the moderators first to get the link approved.

Keep It PG 13

Any person 13 or older can play Farm Town and can therefore access the forum. Please don't post anything here in the forum that you would not see in a movie rated PG 13. This includes extreme profanity, sexually explicit content etc. Attempting to bypass the filters is not OK. For example, substituting a letter for a " * ".

Preview Your Post

Please feel free to express yourself using different colors, fonts and letter sizes in your post, but choose wisely. Some of these choices make your words exceedingly difficult to read. The same goes for the format in which you reply. One long paragraph is harder to follow then several small paragraphs. Write in the most grammatical and correctly spelt language you are capable of. To view your post as others will see it click on the "preview post" button beside the "reply" button.

Protect Yourself

Not just here in this forum but anywhere on the web, use extreme caution when sharing personal information about yourself or your loved ones. This includes your telephone number, cell phone number, home address, full name, birth date etc.

This forum is more than just a forum. It is a community. As with any sort of community there are certain guidelines that need to be followed. Use common courtesy. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Think before you speak. A simple Please and Thank You goes a long way. And finally, there is no such thing as a stupid question.

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