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Originally Posted by Vivienne57 View Post
I still don't agree with putting our neighbours against us in the NCC it's not right. It never happened before when the NCC first started and wasn't like that for a long time. I am not the only one complaining about it. With so many playing Ft (2.4m) likes and I only have 114 neighbours I don't see the need to put neighbours against one another. If it wasn't for helping my neighbours out with the NCC I would not participate but then I would lose good neighbours. I am just so fed up with it as are a lot of players so why do it?
Hi Vivienne

You may see there are 2.4m likes for the game, but that doesnt mean all those persons are still playing and/or they all are doing the NCC.

We have explained you why sometimes the neighborhoods you are competing against may have some of your own neighbors, but we cant do anything about that.

If you wish you can post your idea in Suggestions, but not sure something can be done if there are not many available neighborhoods with same strength to choose from.
You cant start a new thread there but you can post as a reply to a thread that fits with your idea.
This is the link to Suggestions

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