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Originally Posted by Taz D View Post
Hi Vivienne,
The game must choose 10 players that are close in the number of facilities available in the contest. Sometimes to do that it may only have a few to select from and thus your neighbors also end up as your competitors.

The difference now is your score that you add to those neighbors team are many points less than the amount you add to your own team. So your scores are not tied directly to each other as it depends on how many neighbors you have on your team and how much you can reload your own facilities.
I still don't agree with putting our neighbours against us in the NCC it's not right. It never happened before when the NCC first started and wasn't like that for a long time. I am not the only one complaining about it. With so many playing Ft (2.4m) likes and I only have 114 neighbours I don't see the need to put neighbours against one another. If it wasn't for helping my neighbours out with the NCC I would not participate but then I would lose good neighbours. I am just so fed up with it as are a lot of players so why do it?
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