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Default What are Wall Requests?

What are Wall Requests and what are the links at the top of My Requests for?

The easiest place to find your friends Farm Town posts is by using the links at the top of the My Requests page. This is particularly useful when you can't find some posts in your Facebook Newsfeed. For posts to show up in this wall they must have first been posted to Facebook. For both types of Facility work requests there must also be a check mark in the first popup for "Show FarmTown Wall Requests".

There are actually 3 links but only 2 will show as a link when you are viewing a particular section. The links allow you to switch between each section. The section you are viewing will not be a link and will have a pale yellow background behind the text.

Click on the My Requests tab at the top of the game screen.
You will be viewing your gifts at first so you are in the Show My Requests section.

The other 2 links are Show Facility Wall Requests and Show Other Wall Requests.


To view your Friends Facility Requests click on Show Facility Wall Requests and you will see your friends recent Facility posts.

This is an example of what you could see here but they will be your friends posts.

As you can see Show My Requests is now a link, in the middle is Facility Wall Requests with a yellow background indicating that that is the section you are viewing and there is Show Other Wall Requests as a link to the right. Names and profile pictures are edited for privacy reasons :

If any of them have Pink backgrounds those are facilities already worked.

The Names in blue are a clickable link which will take you to that persons Facebook profile.

A suggestion: When working with the Wall Requests if you want to work on a request, right click on the blue link to the right of what you are wanting to do, then click on "open link in new tab".
This will open the work request in a new tab for you to work it. This way once you are done with which ever request you are working all you have to do is to close that tab and you still have the Facility Wall Requests open in the previous tab so you can work the next one. Any links you click on in Wall Requests will change from blue to purple to show that you have already clicked that link. However this may differ depending on the browser you use, this example is from using Chrome browser.

To see your Friends bonus posts, requests for gifts or ingredients and any Farm Cash rewards click on Show Other Wall Requests.

You will then see something similar to this. As you can see Show My Requests and Show Facility Wall Requests are now links and Other Wall Requests now has a pale yellow background.

The links to the right can be clicked to send a bonus, gift or ingredients.
If the background is white, those are ones you can help. 1 bonus and 1 ingredient per person, 1 gift per person. Gifts are every 8 hours unless you own the gifting machines that allow you to send gifts more often.
Those with a pink background are those you have already helped.

To view another section just click the link of the section you want to view.

NOTE:You will not see your own posts here only your friends posts.

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