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Default Chapter 24 - Gifts/Gifting/Accepting/Exchanging/Storing

NEW - Gift Manager

Send Gifts, Exchange Gifts, Accept Gifts and the Send Gift Back to All can be done within the Gift Manager!

Send Gifts tab and the My Requests tab are deactivated!
You will see messages on both of those tabs directing you to use the Gift Manager within the game.
Train Boosts, Neighbour and Buddy Requests are also now done in game and not from My Requests.

to see how to use the Gift Manager!

Farm Town was deactivated by Facebook on 24th July 2023 which is why the Gifting had to change.

Due to these changes what you see when you open the gift box on the Website is different to what you saw on Facebook.

Make sure that you click on this link and read the information to know why Neighbours & Buddies are who will be showing up in your farmers lists to send a gift to and.
Description of connections with farmers you need to know!

You can have roughly up to 500 farming friends which will be a combination of Neighbours and Buddies.

  • Can I send Farm Cash to a friend?
  • Can I send Farm Cash items to friends?

    28th July, 2023 There is a new rule for *new* players signing up in the new website when sending Farm Cash gifts to other players. They can send as much Farm Cash as they have bought themselves, Farm Cash earned by leveling up or any other way cannot be sent to other players. This is to mitigate the creation of fake accounts in the new website with the sole purpose of leveling up and sending Farm Cash to other players.
    Example Message for new accounts:

  • What are Wall Requests?

Should you need to get back to this post to look for other information:
Each post has a Table of Contents link bottom right of the post, which when you click, will bring you right back here.

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