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I have been using the water can to do my flowers if a neighbor hasn't done them for me. I don't have a lot of flowers so that work around works for me, but I can't imagine doing it that way if I had a whole field of flowers.

I have changed how I plant my crops to take full advantage of the red sprinkler as far as the speeding up the harvest goes but it still upsets me that I had to change how I do things on my farms and that they took away the functionality of an expensive tool.

I also don't like that anyone (meaning someone who isn't a neighbor, I never care if a neighbor does it) can now come to my farms and water my flowers. I used to water a lot of my neighbors' flowers but I don't anymore unless they ask me to. With all the glitches of using the red sprinkler on other farms I don't want to mess them up if they have one of their own.