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For those of you still unsure of how the red sprinkler works and may have missed the recent updates to it, i will try to clarify..........

Here's how the red sprinkler works..........
  • It only works on crops and flowers and only on the crops/flowers planted at that time.
  • It can only be applied once every 20hrs per farm. Make sure that your avatar is not busy doing something else when you try to irrigate, or it will not be applied.
  • It must be applied when flowers/crops are still in the growing process. Fields must be planted before you use it, and it won't work on crops that are showing ready to be harvested.
  • Once you have used the red sprinkler, it will double the speed of the remaining time left for the crop to become ready. So even if you planted them hours ago, it will still double the speed.
  • The time for the crops to waste remains the same as it was before you used the red sprinkler. So, even if you double the growth speed unintentionally by reviving your flowers, you will have the same time as before to harvest your crops, this effectively removes the need to have the brown water sprinkler in the toolbox or storage. Hovering over a crop that is ready to harvest will show you how long until they die, "Wasted in xx days/hours".
  • To check if you have used the sprinkler on a crop, hover over that crop and you will see...
    1. what the crop is.
    2. how long until they are ready to harvest.
    3. (W) which indicates that the crops have been sped up. If you see (F,W) it means that the farm is also fertilised. If you don't see the (W) immediately, just refresh or leave the farm and return.
  • To check how much time is left until you can use the red sprinkler on any new crops you plant on that farm, open the facility manager and hover over the red sprinkler icon, you will see "Mobile sprinkler, irrigate in xx hours)
  • If 20hrs as already passed since you last used the red sprinkler to speed up crops on that farm, when you open the facility manager and hover over the red sprinkler it will NOT display any information, which means you can use it again.