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I finally have my tracking down and also have changed how I plant long term crops so the red sprinkler is more useful in that sense. The 20 hour time frame change also helped. I don't like that they made me change the way I plant my farms but I can also live with it.

What I really don't like is the fact that I spent 45 FC for the brown sprinkler. I bought it a few months ago to not only water my neighbors' flowers, but also mine. Now it no longer does anything. I spent another 50 FC for the red sprinkler and the combined action of them is not useful at all for me on how I do my farms.

I don't think anything will change though. They are convinced we don't need the brown sprinkler since they expanded the waste time. I stand by my opinion that there are times I want to water my flowers without having to worry about if it is going to speed up the crops I have already planted but didn't irrigate for some reason or another. If I "inadvertently" water my flowers on that non-irrigated field I am not going to be able to irrigate that field again for another 20 hours even if (for example) the field is ready to harvest in an hour.

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