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Originally Posted by HelenJS22 View Post
I've planted three day crops that have definitely been halved in terms of growth time, but I watered after the crop was planted. It seems to me that it works perfectly, but I don't think it is intended that we get to halve the growing time of every single crop we plant. We have to use our wits and work out which are worthwhile watering in terms of need and our availability to harvest, and make the best use of the 24 hour limiting that has been put on it.

The initial release did state that 'you can only irrigate once per day' so that would translate that we could only irrigate one crop per farm per day.

My only query on it would to be to have a timer of some sort, because I forgot what time I had watered each farm

I find also that my 'crop planting diary' has been chucked out the window more or less for the first time since I began playing. I always kept a log of what was going to be ready for harvesting and when, but with the timing on the red sprinkler, I haven't taken the time to figure it out. I've just done a run through all my farms in the morning, and made a few notes. Not sure that this is a good idea, or if we do, as others have said, need a different version of time on the hover over. I've been too busy lately to decide which way is best.

I love the red sprinkler, particularly for the flowers. I use 'designer' production not 'mass' production so for the first time my flower shop will be full
Thank you Helen, I guess I hadn't read about the 24 irrigation, I suppose I'll just have to get used to it, unless hopefully it changes on the next update, I agree a timer would be useful.