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Originally Posted by LazyMare View Post
Hi NooNoo

From the release notes:
- The Ship will remain on each Port until the neighbour work on it by Loading it with products using the Seaport Manager tool. After that, it will sail automatically to the next Port in the itinerary.

- The Ship will return to its home Port after all the neighbours' Ports in the itinerary have been visited or 7 days have passed since you started

I just don't know the answer yet as to how long a ship will stay in any one neighbour's seaport.
Am in France but have lots of neighbours from Australia, New Zealand and in the Americas - we all have to sleep and work at some point.
So it's a bit pointless having the neighbours click on the ships then... You can't choose which neighbourss and if s/he is away on holiday it will be stuck in their port for a week and then magically father christmas style visit every port in no time flat and return to you...

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