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How to find and use the Snipping Tool

Note: Mac users you may not have this or you will have something similar called a Grab tool that you can use. Our apologies but we do not have instructions for that tool, all we know is it does work in a similar way.

The Snipping tool is a way to take a snapshot of what you are viewing on your screen. It's like taking a screenshot by pressing "Print Screen" on your keyboard but has more options, one of which is letting you save a much smaller snapshot which is better when you need to post a picture on the forum and you don't need to show the whole farm. - the Snipping tool will eventually be replaced by windows with Snip and Sketch. You may have both tools or only one of them, but the instructions are pretty much the same.

If you want to take a snapshot of your whole farm please make sure you are not in full screen and your browser zoom is set no higher than 100% or the picture will be way too big for the forum.

Instructions: - This may look like a lot of work, but once you have done it a few times you will find it easy to remember when you need it again.

1. In the windows search box bottom left of your screen start typing in Snipping Tool. You should then see this which you need to click on:
2. You will then see a small box appear that looks like this. Note this tool will be changing to a new tool called Snip and Sketch which does the same thing just with more options.
3. Click on Mode and select "Rectangular Snip" Then click on New and the screen will dim.
4. When your screen dims, you will see a big + on your screen instead of your mouse pointer
5. Move the plus to the top left area of the part of the screen you want to take a snip of, then click and hold your left mouse button down and drag the mouse over the screen to the size you want to copy. As you drag the + it shows you the image clearly.

6. When you release the left button the snip will be taken and you will see a preview of what you have taken. If it's not right you can just click on New again and try again.

7. When you are happy with your image click the disc icon to save the snip

You need to save it somewhere where you can find it on your computer to upload it to Facebook. We suggest your Pictures folder, but it's up to you, you just need to be able to find it again.

8. Go to your Facebook Profile, and make a new post you need to click on the Photo/Video link at the top of the post. Your computer files will open, find your picture and click on it to select it, then click on Open at the bottom of the window and it will upload it to Facebook. Then you can add any description you like, change the privacy of the post to Public, and click the Post button to post it to Facebook.
IMPORTANT: Check the privacy of the photo! It must be set to "Public" or we will not be able to see it on the forum. To check the privacy, look near the bottom of the posting box for News Feed, this needs to be set to Public. The image above shows News Feed is set to Public. If it does not say public there, click on it to change it.

9. Once it is posted to Facebook, you then need to click on the photo you would like to post to the forum to view the larger image of it. Then "Right-click" your mouse on the photo and choose:
  • For Google Chrome: "Copy image address"
  • For Firefox: “Copy image location”
  • For Internet Explorer: “Copy”
  • For Opera: “Copy image address”
  • For Safari: “Copy image address”
  • For Edge: "Save Image As"

10. Come back to the forum thread you want to post in.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see the Quick Reply box
  • Then click on the "Insert Image" icon idicated in the picture with a red the top of your post, (yellow square with grayish mountains or hills on it).
  • A small box will open.
    • DELETE the "http://" that is shown in there.
    • THEN "Right click" your mouse in the box and select "Paste".

  • Click OK. When you have done that if you need to add information to the post click your mouse after
    the end of IMG] then click enter on your keyboard and type your message.

11. If you would like to view how your picture and post will appear before you post it, within your post select the "Go Advanced" or "Preview Post" option included in the bottom of your post.

12. When you are happy with how your post looks, click "Submit Reply" or "Post Quick Reply"

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