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Originally Posted by JohnAlbertini View Post
Not making excuses for rudeness but it amazes me how many people "design" their farms so utterly haphazardly random and hire people to harvest trees, flowers, fishing, crops that it takes many multiple times the number of clicks as it should with a little better placement.

I have been to farms with 15 trees that took 15 clicks with an extended tool to harvest because they were all spread out. Different waters placed over each other in differing orientations that it takes five clicks in virtually the same spot to fish them all.

If you are asking for someone to use their time, energy, fuel, to work for you I would think it is only considerate to put SOME time into more efficient design. Not saying they need to be super efficient but some organization can make doing the work many times easier.
This is why when I redesign my farms I always work the farm myself the first time (or 2) to make sure I didn't accidentally stack something and that everything works efficiently. My farms are pretty full but everyone who works them comments about how easy they are to work on.
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