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Originally Posted by Tink1954 View Post
I refuse to hire annoying beggars that take up 30 lines with with hire me pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeze.etc...drives me crazy..I watch and see who is not begging check their level and try to hire those who need to level up..I am low on fuel now..but I still try to help..If I am looking for a job, I usually sing..or just say I am bored And be silly lol! and always thank the person that hired me. I also had one that begged and begged came to my then cussed me and said some pretty raunchy things...geez, not only did I bounce him but reported him for the disgusting language lol! Play nice folks..On the lighter side i have met many wonderful folks who have become my friends over the years!@
Hi Tink,
I agree with you. I do not hire those who beg over and over. I do have plenty of fuel and I set mine to use my fuel first and my tools.
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