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Originally Posted by leesac View Post
I had posted this in the new release thread before seeing this, I am not sure where it will possibly actually be read so I am posting it here also I hope that's ok.

The way the red sprinkler works really is ridiculous. I just went to one of my farms that has many flowers to harvest and they were ready but wilted, so I had to water them to harvest. Well guess what? After watering they were picked but I am unable to water the new crop with the waterer to decrease the harvest time. I have to WAIT to water until tomorrow. So I WASTED my speed up by watering flowers that were mature, of course having no choice in the matter if I wanted to unwilt them, and I now CANNOT water my new crop of flowers. I want my farmcash back!
Yeah, the way it is now you can't water your flowers unless you've planted crops that you want to grow faster.

Yet another feature that messes with rotation times and routines. I can't be on here several extra hours because the devs want to be stingy with what I consider to be an expensive tool.