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Default Enabling Flash in Microsoft Edge 44.18362.267.0

July 2019

Microsoft Edge 44.18362.267.0 browser is now not allowing flash to run every time for any specific site. You can now only allow it for the session. Each time you close Farm Town and reopen, or open a new tab to the game you will have to allow flash to run. This started with Microsoft Edge 44.18362.267.0

The developers are aware of the problem, and are looking to see if they can make this easier to do, however they have no control on what updates are implemented on Microsoft Edge. We can only recommend, as that's not the only issue using Edge browser for Farm Town, that you use a different browser for the game.

If you don't want to use another browser these are the instructions to get flash to run in Microsoft Edge 44.18362.267.0. Remember, you will have to do this every time you load the game:

  1. Load the game.

    IF you see this picture you just need to click on the underlined words click here OR Allow Flash in the sentence on the game screen, indicated with red arrows in the picture below, and then move on to step 2.

    If you do not see the above picture when you try to load the game, click on the Send Gifts tab. OR you can click this link which will take you to the same place

  2. You will then see a tiny puzzle icon in the right side of the browser address bar which you need to click on. This is it increased in size, so you can recognize it, but in reality can be tiny.

  3. Click the little puzzle icon indicated with the arrow below.

  4. Then click on Allow Once.

  5. Then click on the Play tab at the top of the game screen and your game will load.

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