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Default Opera - How to add Farmtown Flash Enabler

How to add Farmtown Flash Enabler.

The Game developers have designed an extension for Chrome to enable Flash player to run automatically instead of giving the browser permission every time you reopen the browser. This extension can also be used in Opera Browser.

To do this you will need to add 2 extensions to Opera.

These instructions are currently working with Version 68.0.3618.165

  1. It's may be easier if you already have Chrome browser, without that it may ask you to download the browser instead of letting you enable the extensions. You might as well add the FarmTown Flash Enabler to it in case you need to switch to Chrome at any point. Instructions for that are in the Farmtown Flash Enabler for Chrome post. It doesn't whether Chrome browser is open or closed.

  2. Using Opera browser, click this link:

  3. It should take you to Opera addons and be offering you Install Chrome Extensions You should see a green button Add to Opera. Click it and wait for it to install. If it's already installed it will say so.

  4. Check that the Install Chrome Extensions extension is enabled in the Opera Extensions.

  5. Then click on this link: flash enabler and it will show you the FarmTown Flash Enabler extension and a green Add to Opera button.

  6. Click on Add to Opera.

  7. You will then be prompted complete the installation. Click on OK in that box.

  8. You will then be shown Operas extensions page with the FarmTown Flash Enabler. Click on Install.

    Another box will appear telling you what you are about to do asking you to confirm. Click on Yes Install.

    Both are indicated with the red arrows in the picture below:

  9. You should then see that the FarmTown Flash extension is enabled.

That's it you are done! Load Farm Town!

NOTE: If you are using private browsing you will also need to add a check mark for "Allow in Private Mode".

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