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Default Farmtown Flash Enabler for Chrome

As of 4th September 2018, Chrome Version 69.0.3497.81 and above, you will have to repeat allowing flash to run every time you close and reopen your browser as Chrome no longer remembers your preferences of your last session, unless you add the Chrome extension the Slashkey developers have designed to enable it permanently.

If Flash is disabled in your browser, when you load the game you will see the following. Please follow the instructions to enable flash in your browser.

You need to click on the purple text where it says "Show Farmtown Flash Enabler in Chrome Web Store" and then you will see this...

Look top right of that window and click on "Add to Chrome"
You will then see this...

Last thing to do is click on "Add Extension"

The extension will be added and that's it you are done!

NOTE: If you have already allowed flash to run in your browser and now want to add the extension. Click this link >>
Chrome Browser Extension

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