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Default Firefox Flash settings

Firefox Flash settings

Look top left of your browser address bar for a green padlock icon.

To the left of that is a black battery. Click on it and and allow it only for Farm Town.

OR you can set it in the Add-ins to always activate via the 3 lines top right of the browser window.

If your game does not load straight away close and restart your browser for those changes to take effect.

Version 69.0 - This update has removed the option to always allow flash to run. You will have to allow flash to run every time you close and reopen the browser. Once it is allowed it will stay enabled until you close the browser.

When flash is disabled you will see a black screen with a white battery icon and "Run Adobe Flash" in the middle.
You can either click that battery on the screen or look for the white battery in the browser address bar and click on that. A box will open just under the browser address bar asking you if you want to allow Adobe Flash to run. You just then need to click on Allow and then your game will load. Areas to click are indicated with red arrows in the picture below:

Version 70.0 - This version no longer allows flash to run for the browser session. Every time you load the game you will have to allow flash to run as per the instructions for Version 69.0 above.

VERSION 71.0 - Firefox have changed this back again so now you only have to allow flash once for the session until you close and reopen the browser.

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