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Default Chrome 3rd party cookies setup - Old Versions

Chrome 3rd party cookies setup - Old Versions

If you block 3rd party cookies in your browser you will need to follow these steps to allow all the sites for the game to load and for the lists to show when sending gifts or train boosts.

If you have not already done it and want to block them, this is how to block 3rd party cookies >>

These are the instructions for older versions of Chrome. For Versions 59 scroll down to "For Chrome Versions 59.0.3071.86 and above"

For Chrome Versions 74 onwards see post#4 further down the thread.

1. Top right of your browser at the end of the address bar is 3 dots. Hover your mouse over it and it will say "Customise and control Google Chrome"

2. Scroll down the list that appears and click on "Settings"
3. In the page that loads, scroll down to "+ Show advanced settings" and click on it.
4. Scroll down to the "Privacy" heading and click on "Content Settings".
5. A box will open called "Content Settings".
6. Underneath the "Cookies" heading is a box called "Block third-party cookies and site data". You need to put a check mark in that box.

7. When you have done that, click on "Finished".
8. Close your browser and then open it again.

For Chrome Versions 59.0.3071.86 and above, follow these instructions:

1. Click on the three dots to the right of your browser bar.
2. Scroll down and click on "Settings"
3. The "Settings" page will load. In the dark blue search bar type in "Cookies".
4. The page will refresh. Scroll down to "Content Settings" and click on the arrow to the right.
5. Look for "Cookies" and click on the arrow to the right.
6. Scroll down and find "Block third-party cookies" Look for the switch icon on the right.
7. To block 3rd party cookies make sure the switch icon to the right of "Block third-party cookies" is all the way to the right and is blue. If it is off it will be grey.

If you have already blocked third party cookies continue with the following >>

Open your farm and look at the far right hand side of your browser address bar. If cookies are blocked you will see this icon >>

Click on the icon and you will see the following >>

Click on "show cookies and other site data". A box will open that looks like this. It may or may not have sites already listed. >>

There are 2 tabs, click on "Blocked" and you will see this >>

Click on one of the sites , one at a time (eg and it will highlight in blue. Then click the "Allow" button. Repeat for each of the sites showing in that box.

After you have done that click on "Close" then close your browser and then open it again and load your game.

If you still see the blocked icon, at the end of your browser address bar, check your game first and see if you are able to send gifts or train boosts to friends. If not you will have to repeat the steps to allow the blocked sites through.

Also , if you have an ad-blocker plugin in your browser make sure the above web sites are also allowed in that too.

Be sure you close and restart your browser for those changes to take effect.

*Note: If you are using private browsing either through your browser or through your anti-virus program, that will block 3rd party cookies and pop ups. You need to turn this off for when you are in Farm Town, so that those cookies and pop ups can be seen.

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