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Originally Posted by relkins View Post
When I go to the marketplace there is no one there, I'v clean all cache's. The lanugage is set to English, I've try everything but nothing has work and on top of this my faclilty manager has stop showing whats is going wrong next, Need help
Hi relkins

When you go to market, the plug icon is green or red?

Please click in your preferences, the wrench, and change your language to other one, for example Spanish. Then click in the green check mark to save changes and reload the game.

Then click in your preferences again and change the language back to English US or English UK, click in the green check mark and reload the game.

Check if that fixed your problem. If not, then contact Support team. To contact them click on the link below, fill out the form and submit it. Be patient as it can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days for them to respond to you depending on how many tickets they have ahead of yours.

You will receive an automatic response email when you submit your ticket. That email will have your ticket number and a link for you to check the status of your ticket, so please do not delete that email. If you do not see the email then check your spam folder as sometimes those emails get classified as spam.

If you dont find the automatic response, please follow these suggestions:

About your problem with the Facility Manager, we need more information as we dont know what has stopped showing. See if the following fixes your problem with the Facility manager:

Please open your Facility Manger and click on the Funnel Icon top right of the window that opens, then make sure that it is set like this for your facility tools to work on all facilities on all farms. Please remember to click the green check mark to save any changes.
If the problem with the Facility Manager continues, then explain what exactly happens and what is not showing when you click in it.

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