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Originally Posted by mehansen View Post
I am wondering why I am always low on clams from the Farm Fishing Plant. I now own 8 facilities and 1 Turbo plant. I have now discontinued producing anything requiring clams. I see the number produced is at least half of the other products. Is there a way to get the number increased. Buying another plant is not a viable option at this time.
Hi mehansen

I moved your post to the thread about Facilities.

We got the Chilean restaurant during the last release and it uses clams too. You have 5 of them so that is why you could be short for clams.

You can ask for ingredients and that could help. And if you wish you can post in Suggestions asking to increase clams amount in the Fish Farming farm.

You cant start a new post in Suggestions, but you can post as a reply to a thread that fits with your idea.

This is the link to Suggestions:
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