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Default Cookies/Popups setup

Cookies/Popups setup

Cookies and Popups are required for Farm Town and the Forum.
They are needed for seeing pop-ups windows in the game, for seeing your friends in the various friends lists needed for the game and viewing attachments in posts that you may see when logged into the forum.

These are the instructions for Chrome - Versions 74 onward. For other browsers it's very similar.

Cookies and Popups:

1. Load Farm Town and look top left of your browser window.
2. Look for a small black padlock at the left side of the browser address bar and click on it.

This picture is using Windows 10. Older versions of OS may not have "Pop-ups and redirects".

You will see something like this:

Older versions of OS: IF you do not have the "Pop-ups and redirects" option skip to "How to check if cookies are blocked".

3. Windows 10: For "Pop-ups and redirects" to allow cookies/popups check it is set to Allow or Allow (Default) NOT Block. Change that setting if it's not set to that. Then do Step 4

If you want to keep them blocked and only allow the sites need for Farm Town set it to Block. Then do Step 4.

4. Then click anywhere in the window where your game is and a new bar will drop down with a blue button telling you to Reload to apply those changes, click on Reload.
If you don't see that just reload that tab using the circling arrow to the left of the padlock.

How to check if cookies are blocked: Click on the black padlock and this time click on "Cookies" and a new window will open. This window has 2 sections "Allowed" and "Blocked" This picture shows the cookies that have sites allowed. The ones for Farm Town and the Forum are:
If you do not see any of those sites listed click on the Blocked section. If any of them are blocked they will show up like this:
To allow a site, click on it and then click on Allow. Repeat if there is more than one. Then click Done.

Adding sites to exceptions: You only need to do this if you are still having problems and the sites are not showing in those windows. You need to add the sites manually:

1. For Chrome, click on the three dots to the right of your browser bar.

For other browsers your Settings may be found by clicking on the browsers Icon to open the menu

2. Scroll down and click on "Settings"
3. The "Settings" page will load. In the dark blue search bar type in "Cookies".
4. The page will refresh. Scroll down to "Site Settings" and click the arrow to the right.
5. Under Permissions you should see Cookies highlighted in yellow, click the arrow to the right.

At the top if you see "Blocked" and want to allow cookies, click the grey button to the right, to turn it blue and you should see Blocked change to "Allow sites to save and read cookie data (recommended)".

Scroll down to Allow and see if the sites are added, if they are not click on the Add to the right of Allow and add the sites one at a time. These are the sites to add for Farm Town and the Forum:

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