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Originally Posted by Taz D View Post
That change is a Facebook change and was not implemented by Farm Town. The lists that you see currently for Farm Town players is put together by Facebook and not by Farm Town, even though we use those in Farm Town.
You can create your own Facebook lists with just your neighbors that you can use instead of the ones for all friends or Facebooks created list of Farm Town players. Here is a link to an explanation on how to do that:
I can't send one friend a gift..when i go send gifts, it keeps telling me i can't send this person a gift..we are supposed to be able to send gifts every 8 hours, but i can't send this friend a gift for over 24 hours. I have tried everything, i mean everything. Nothing!! one minute it says i can't send him my friend a gift for 6 more hours,which it's already been 24 hours. I waited for those 6 hours, then it tells me, i have already sent this neighbor a gift. I don't know what else to i said, i have tried everything and nothing is workin...and i have 94 didn't matter before but these past few has changed where i can't send the gift..
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