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Arrow Accidentally Bought, Deleted or Sold Something

Although as forum moderators we can sympathize as we have all had "Ack! I sold my mansion!!" or "Sheesh, I really didn't want two Toy Factories" moments, reimbursements and refunds are not given via the forum. To request a refund you will need to contact the Slashkey Support Staff.

To contact the support staff Click Here select the category in the window that opens and fill in a support ticket. However, it is solely up to the support staff as to whether or not you will receive a refund and their decisions are final. IF it is agreed upon that you will be reimbursed, be patient, it may take time for them to get back to you.
You will receive an automatic response email when you submit your ticket. That email will have your ticket number and a link for you to check the status of your ticket, so please do not delete that email. If you do not see the email then check your spam folder as sometimes those emails get classified as spam.

Remodelling your farm is easier than ever with the use of the bulldozers and other recent game enhancements. Unfortunately, with these enhancements, it is also easier than ever to mistakenly sell or clear an item. The developers implemented a confirmation pop-up into the game to help avoid accidentally selling the more expensive items, but please, when remodelling, take your time and hide anything you wish to keep.

The same can be said for purchasing items. It is also easier to buy something. On all the less expensive items there now is a 'buy multiple' option and neighbors are able to send Farm Cash items to one another. The developers also implemented a confirmation pop-up that will be received whenever a player attempts to purchase any Farm Cash item. Again, please take your time when making purchases to avoid accidents.

This thread was created for players that have bought, deleted or sold an item by mistake NOT for reporting when something has disappeared or is no longer visible to you. Posts off topic will be removed at the discretion of the moderators without notice.

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