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Raul Nov 22 2019 01:03 AM

New Release -- November 22nd, 2019
See Known Issues, More Information and Post Release Updates at the end of this post. Last changes released on December 10th, 12:30AM.

Hi There,

We just released a new update with the following features and bug fixes: En Espaņol AQUI

1. - 28 New Holiday Items: 2 as gifts, 12 at the top of the Holidays category in the Store and 14 at the bottom.

2. 48 x 48 farm expansion for Farms 31 to 40: Please note that these expansions are for the *original farms* 31 to 40. If you have moved your farms around using the Farm Selector Manager then you will need to find your original farms from 31 to 40 to expand them. You can not expand a farm just because it is sitting in one of those locations in your Farm Selector.

3. Harvester Ex 10 x 10 (FC): Harvest up to 1600 *overlapped* fields at once in a squared area the size of 10 x 10 plow fields.

4. Combine Harvest-Plow Ex 10 x 10 (FC): Harvest and Plow up to 1600 *overlapped* fields at once in a squared area the size of 10 x 10 plow fields.

5. Trading Warehouse Improvements:

a) Fish Purchase Offers
b) Added navigation bar at the bottom of the Trading Warehouses to browse the Trading Warehouses of your neighbours in your Neighbour Bar and farmers in the Marketplaces

6. Cooperative Quests Improvements:

a) Added navigation bar to browse the Cooperative Quests of all farmers at the Marketplaces
b) Added an envelope icon to communicate with the owner of the Cooperative Quest being shown
c) Added a purple Cooperative Quest icon to check your own Cooperative Quests without interrupting your navigation flow
d) When navigating Cooperative Quests expired quests are automatically hidden
e) When sorting your neighbour bar by Cooperative Quests, the menu option changes to 'Refresh Coop Quest'

7. Clock Supplies Factory (Coins): Produces Clock Supplies.

Clock Movement Hands
Clock Face
Shelf Clock Movement
Cuckoo Clock Frame
Watch Movement Holder
Watch Loupe
Watch Hand Remover
Watch Repair Tray

8. Salvadoran Restaurant (FC): Produces Salvadoran Food.

Plantain Empanadas
Chicken Tamales
Yuca w/ Pork Belly
Stuffed Bread
Salvadoran Breakfast
Cow Foot Soup
Salvadorian Quesadilla

Products from other Facilities: Cow Trotters in the Semi-Trailer Truck.

9. Clock Shop (Coins): Provides Clock Repair Services and can be stocked with products from the Clock Supplies Factory.

10. Taste of El Salvador (FC): Provides El Salvador Cultural Exchange and Food Tasting Services and can be stocked with products from the Salvadoran Restaurant.



Post Release Updates - November 23rd, 3:00PM

- When browsing the Trading Warehouses of players in the Marketplaces using the bottom navigation arrows, you can now check all players Trading Warehouses in one pass by going from left to right.

Post Release Updates - November 27th, 7:40PM

- When navigating Cooperative Quests completed quests are automatically hidden
- BugFix: Incorrect avatar pictures sometimes shown in the Markets, Neighbours Bar and Trading Warehouses. This will require all farmers to reload the game, so if you are still seeing incorrect avatars it's posible that that particular farmer has not reloaded the game yet.
- BugFix: Incorrect scores sometimes shown in the Trophy screen

Post Release Updates - December 2nd, 5:45PM

- Released last years Holiday Items. We think we should be able to release the new Holiday Items sometime this week, however, our main designer is about to go on maternity leave and we are not sure yet how many new items will get released.
- We also think the Fish Purchase Offers will finally be ready sometime this week.

Post Release Updates - December 6th, 4:00PM

- 28 New Holiday Items: 2 as gifts, 12 at the top of the Holidays category in the Store and 14 at the bottom
- Enabled Fish Purchase offers in the Trading Warehouse
- At the markets, you can now open the Cooperative Quests screen for any farmer even when that farmer has no Cooperative Quests, this will allow you to start navigating the Cooperative Quests for the rest of the farmers that do have them
- Enabled the 'Show Times' icon in the toolbox when not at your farm
- Reduced the amount of 'Grouper' required to make Fried Fish in the Dominican Restaurant from 10 to 5
- BugFix: Trophie numbers sometimes shown incorrectly
- BugFix: Pumpkin Spice now showing up when the Facility Manager ingredient planner was set to only show the Flavored Coffee Factory products

Post Release Updates - December 10th, 12:30AM

- BugFix: Missing and duplicated ingredients in the Facility Manager Ingredient Planner.
- BugFix: Layout error with the Merry Christmas Gate item.

Known Issues:

- None.

Rob T Nov 22 2019 01:19 AM

Thanks Raul and Team :)

Bella Bello Nov 22 2019 01:33 AM

Thank you Raul and Team!

bruhelmboldt Nov 22 2019 01:53 AM

Thank you Raul and Dev Team!

sylvie48uk Nov 22 2019 03:03 AM

Thanks Raul and all the team!

Tiger Nov 22 2019 03:33 AM

Thanks very much Raul and Team :D

At the time of this post, it looks like we have so far:
  • Harvester Ex 10x10
  • Combine Harvest-Plow 10x10
  • Expansions for Farms 31 to 40 in their original order.
  • Arrows at the bottom of neighbours warehouses so you can go from one to the other like you do with co-operative quests.
  • When viewing other farmers co-operative Quests. There is a Message icon at the bottom left of the cooperative quest window that allows you to send them a message. Also a blue dice to the bottom right of the window which allows you to view your own quests.

bjyhey3 Nov 22 2019 03:46 AM

Thank you very much

buffaloboy Nov 22 2019 03:56 AM

thank you
from austria

marymarcel Nov 22 2019 05:38 AM

Thank you so much Raul :)

WillowTreeFarm Nov 22 2019 06:02 AM

Thanks for the update.

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