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Raul Oct 22 2019 09:01 PM

New Release -- October 22nd, 2019
See Known Issues, More Information and Post Release Updates at the end of this post. Last changes released on November 7th, 3:00PM.

Hi There,

We just released a new update with the following features and bug fixes: En Espaņol AQUI

1. 25 New Levels: Items are located in the Buildings, Other, Fun, Farm Decor and Motion categories.

2. 48 x 48 farm expansion for Farms 21 to 30: 40000000000 coins or 40 FarmCash. Please note that these expansions are for the *original farms* 21 to 30. If you have moved your farms around using the Farm Selector Manager then you will need to find your original farms from 21 to 30 to expand them. You can not expand a farm just because it is sitting in one of those locations in your Farm Selector.

3. Log Truck with Chainsaw 40 x 40 (FC): This new Log Truck with Chainsaw chop up to 1600 trees in one click.

4. Turbo Fishing Boat 40 x 40 (FC): This new Turbo Fishing Boat fish up to 1600 overlapped water items in one click.

5. Trading Warehouse Improvements released in the past few weeks:

a) Added a notification message when opening the Trading Warehouse of a farmer that do not have offers created yet
b) Added red counters in the top tab buttons with the number of open offers when visiting others Trading Warehouses
c) The brown dot in the Neighbours Bar and the brown marking on avatar labels in the marketplaces are now aware of the availability of Regular Products Purchase Offers
d) Small adjustments to the layout of the offers to make it more clear when you sold and when you bought products
e) Added 'Rules' and 'Benefits' buttons to the Trading Warehouse screen with explanations of all the rules and benefits
f) BugFix: The earned rewards when selling animal products is now based on the trading limit of the animal product you are buying, not the animal product you are selling

6. Pop-up telling you when you can start your next 'Regular Products' trading period: This will include the trading period number that is about to start.

7. Roofing Supplies Factory (FC): Produces Roofing Supplies.

Roof Tiles
Roof Panel
Galvanized Roofing Nails
Vent Pipe Flashing
Shingle Remover
Steel Roller
Skylight Dome

8. Austrian Restaurant (Coins): Produces Austrian Food.

Austrian Potato Salad
Sliced Pancake Soup
Wiener Schnitzel
Austrian Boiled Beef
Austrian Goulash
Austrian Roast Pork

9. Roof Repair Services (FC): Provides Roof Repair Services and can be stocked with products from the Roofing Supplies Factory.

10. Taste of Austria (Coins): Provides Austria Cultural Exchange and Food Tasting Services and can be stocked with products from the Austrian Restaurant.

11. Moving Farmtown Servers to another location: Last month we received a notification from our hosting provider that they had to upgrade the infrastructure of our current data center and that we had to move all of our Farmtown servers to another data center. So far everything goes as planned and we should be completing the move in the next 10 days. In the final moment of the switch we expect about 1 hour to 10 hours of downtime while we migrate the databases.



Post Release Updates - October 24th, 9:40PM

- The pop-up notification alerting you about the possibility of starting a new trading period will show only once for each trading period.

Post Release Updates - November 1st, 12:30AM

- When we released the fix above we introduced another bug that caused the pop-up notification appearing multiple times for the same period continuously every few seconds, we just released a fix for that bug, please report here if you are still seeing multiple popup notifications for the same period.

Post Release Updates - November 7th, 3:00PM

- Released the Austrian Restaurant and the Taste of Austria facilities.
- Released 6 new Thanksgiving items, 2 at the bottom of the Thanksgiving category at the Store and the rest at the top.

Known Issues:

- None.

Taz D Oct 22 2019 09:07 PM

Thanks Raul!

PestoFarmer Oct 22 2019 09:07 PM

Thanks for the new levels Raul. Looking forward to seeing the new goodies.:D

TerriFlynn Oct 22 2019 09:15 PM

Thanks Raul and team!

L.A.Bob Oct 22 2019 09:21 PM

Thanks for the nice surprise....

imgowan Oct 22 2019 09:28 PM

New Release
Thanks so much. Looking forward to hearing about the details

Isabella (imgowan)

Farmer_Susan Oct 22 2019 09:29 PM

Cool! Except that my credit card was compromised today so I have to wait until the new one comes to buy stuff!!! Had enough for the turbo boat and chainsaw but not enough for the new facilities. WAAAAAAA!

BarbLH Oct 22 2019 10:32 PM

Oh, boy! Thanks Raul & team, you always make it fun.

MOM GLENDA Oct 22 2019 10:58 PM

thanks Raul .love farmtown. i have RA arthritis .playing farmtown helps me keep my mind off the pain i live with everyday.God Bless you

beverduster Oct 23 2019 01:03 AM

t y raul, my game is running better today, thanks

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