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ghostkitten Sep 09 2011 10:17 AM

I love it..No more waiting 3 days for onions or 2 days for rice...And I only do the flowers for the facilities , so speeding the flowers up means I get to put them in the facility quicker...

barbara nixon Sep 09 2011 07:00 PM

i love my red sprinkler...only adjustment is get rid of flowers on a farm i wanted to do plots..wasn't hard ..wasn't that many flowers anyway..i have now farms with flowers and farms without..and it work just fine...i can still water my neighbors flowers and it doesn't speed up their time...i've had neighbors water mine and it doesn't seem to matter if i use the red sprinkler on still works..of course they have to need water within the alloted far as crops if i can't use it right then on my crop i can come back later to do i collect my milk 2 times a day it's not that hard to grab the red sprinkler and water...all in farm management my friends..

jeemersmom Sep 09 2011 09:40 PM


Originally Posted by mrsmel (Post 4832930)
I want my brown sprinkler back! All other tools remained in my tool box when I bought the upgrade, but the brown sprinkler disappeared when I bought the red one. I tried putting the red one on a farm to see if the brown would again be available to me--but no. I bought the brown one to be able to water all of the flowers on a farm at once. That option is no longer available without accelerating crop growth on that farm. So--$95 later I'm back to using the red blob manual flower watering method. Color me unhappy.

:mad: I too would like to have my brown (silver) sprinkler back. I paid for it and it isn't right that it was just taken away. I should have the option of just watering (brown) or water/speed up growth (red) since I bought and paid for both. Yes, the brown sprinkler is present when I visit a neighbor's farms, but many of my neighbors no longer want someone to water their flowers because that interferes with their use of their red sprinkler. :confused: How do I get my brown sprinkler back for use on MY farms? :confused:

1fritz Sep 10 2011 12:31 AM

Ill add my two cents worth..I also want the brown sprinkler back. The red one is fantastic. It does what I bought it to do halve the harvest time on crops. others have said there are time when I just want to water my flowers and NOT speed up harvest times.

Every other tool harvester, chainsaw, even the manure spreader are still in storage and work.

To quote someone else "The one tool we would actually have a use for is taken away".

I truly hope this is an oversight on the part of the Devs, and the will correct this problem.

"I BOUGHT IT I PAID FOR IT AND I WANT IT BACK!!!" don't remember who used that line but it my feeling also.


tnbskts Sep 10 2011 02:00 AM

I don't have either sprinkler yet, but I'm not going to buy the red one if it means the brown one is disabled. They can say all they like that the red one is an extension of the brown one, but it costs as much as any other individual tool, not the 30 FC amount that extensions usually cost.

I have the 5x5 implements, and I'm glad that buying them didn't disable the 4x4 and smaller ones, because (especially for the plower and seeder) I sometimes need them. In the same way, since the brown and red sprinklers have somewhat different uses, and ESPECIALLY since the brown one cost 45 FC, it's really inconsiderate to remove it. If the extended toolbox is getting full, just make it bigger, don't start taking away implements we've paid the full whack of FC for.

Farm Town has always been really good about letting people play in the way they want to, unlike certain other farm games out there which are getting very dictatorial. This is a surprising and unwelcome development from Farm Town, deciding that people just need to change the way they farm and suck it up rather than letting them keep a tool they paid significant money for.

The other thing that's worrying me about this is the silence from the devs. Last time there was an outcry about something - all the wall posts when the belts were introduced - there was a pretty swift response from the devs. This time, after a week or more, there's dead silence. Not even "we hear you, we're working on it" or even "we hear you and we might do something in the future," just the sort of silence that's rather more characteristic of certain other farm games out there but quite unusual for Farm Town.

tnbskts Sep 10 2011 03:59 AM


Originally Posted by barbara nixon (Post 4842014)
i love my red sprinkler...only adjustment is get rid of flowers on a farm i wanted to do plots..wasn't hard ..wasn't that many flowers anyway..i have now farms with flowers and farms without..and it work just fine...

That's fine for you, but some of us do have farms with flowers and plots together, sometimes a lot of flowers, and we have them that way deliberately. Part of the fun of the game is landscaping with trees, flowers, decorations, and plots; if one of the tools makes this impossible, then it's a problem with the tool and it should be fixed.

jenifoofoo Sep 10 2011 04:19 AM

yes, I want to water my flowers w/o speeding up crops. SINCE we can only do it once per 20 hours.

the best fix is actually to let the RS water the FARM not just the crops. Problem solved.

Chris Frost Sep 10 2011 11:43 AM

I quickly read through the posts in this thread. It seems like a lot of people here agree. We like the idea of the red sprinkler to halve growing times, but limiting its use to once a day is bad planning on the part of the FT Developers.

If I plant anything with a 1 day or less growing time, then sprinkle, I can't use the sprinkler again for the next crop until the next FT day. That sucks!! The manure spreader isn't limited in this way. So why the restriction with the sprinkler?

Come on FT Developers. You can see the sense in the argument... Either make it so the sprinkler can be used after each successive new crop regardless of the time elapsed, or give us half our money back please.

Mr. H Sep 10 2011 12:57 PM

I'm ok with only being able to use the red sprinkler once a day. It adds a new and challenging element to the game. But, I would like to see the brown sprinkler back and to be able to use it without affecting my ability to use the red sprinkler.

WineGolfer Sep 11 2011 06:47 AM

Just spent $50FT on the new sprinkler and it works great but why did it have to replace the old sprinkler? Now I have no way to water just my flowers, except to use the old baby sprinkler. Since we bought 2 mobile sprinklers we should be able to use both. Suppose you just want to water flowers and not cut the farm harvest time in half?? Please return the old sprinkler too.

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