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anglnwhite Oct 19 2014 10:38 PM


Originally Posted by SeniorCornwall (Post 5887958)
Just my thoughts on scarce items..... every time you can get a farm, immediately add the following to them right away: Mineral Mine, Open Pit Mine, Oil Well, Cow Shed, Chicken Coop, Dairy Shed, Wool Shed, Pigsty, Rabbit Hutch. These are all for coins (fill the animals to max). Even if you don't need all the products when you start, you will run out eventually so stockpile when you are starting the game.

If you have the farm cash, Fish Plant, bee Farm and Semi-Trailer Truck on every farm - and a few stables. Same Theory here as first...

If you want to make coins, buy a bank for every farm you have. Stocking and selling the production will general lots of coins for you...

Hope this helps..

Senior Cornwall

Totally agree with you, Senior. Add sawmill and paper mill to that list as well. If you don't have a bank on every farm, you are missing out on "free" coin! I have been lucky enough to get by with 2 bee farms, 2 fish plants, 2 stables and 3 semi trucks.

Eradani Oct 19 2014 11:37 PM

i guess i can tell i'm in the low 575s, lol. i've only got 5 facility farms. but i do have an oil pump, sawmill, and the 2 mines on every farm. i usually build up ingredients until i've got what lists as 3 months worth and then i can keep my facilities full for about a week before i start running out of stuff. i'm still working on the last of 20 farms at 24x24. /lazy

lately, i've been doing nothing but the 2 different quest types. i'm enjoying the running around for the coop quest. something to do that doesn't require so many clicks for these old hands :)

SeniorCornwall Oct 20 2014 11:34 AM

Stockpiling stuff may not be that helpful in the longer term. I did do that for a time, so I could get the utilization of my factories higher... But soon reaqlized I was passing up on the opportunity of getting more coins faster.... Which I could use to buy more coin producing factories (like Banks)... Even if I fillsome factories at 60%, it is probably more than if I waited weeks to fill them completely. So now I fill to where I can and post often to let others gain xps and products, and speed up my production and make coins in service facitlies.

Completly agree with others around paper mills, dairies, textile mills, sawmills and on.....

Take the sawmill and paper mills for example. I have three full farms of chopping trees. Most can be bought so easier to do than those that are gifted. Two of these farms produce the 12 hour ones - the other the rest. Chopping these (or allowing others to chop them) gives you a steedy stream of logs for your sawmills and paper mill. Once trees are purchased, they just keep giving and giving. Same thing as fruit trees (have 4 farms of those) and flowers (have three farms of those). All these products just produce stuff for you. Then add the factories that use these products and your coin stream will flourish....

More coins will allow you to buy many more of the factories and service facilties...

Then click on anyone else's factories / service facilities to get extra stuff. I accept all friend requests, as many others do, so you can make lots that way also from the 575 club. Benefit from our time in the game :)

Senior Cornwall

Snookie Sue Oct 20 2014 07:14 PM

The best tool ever is the green hand and the best FT decorations are the clouds. They have freed up so much space for me to design. Really appreciate them devs.

beverduster Oct 20 2014 09:15 PM

didnt no they had a 575 club. is there a 1 billion points club?

littlesallysanctus Oct 21 2014 03:59 AM

I just completed 2 cooperative quests and NO farm cash or anything~
what's the point?

marymarcel Oct 21 2014 07:33 AM


Originally Posted by littlesallysanctus (Post 5888430)
I just completed 2 cooperative quests and NO farm cash or anything~
what's the point?

Hi littlesallysanctus!

Cooperative quests are not giving farmcash for the moment, you only get coins.:)

But the developers have said we could get farmcash in the future so we all could have another way to get some extra cash.:)

peanutgallery Oct 21 2014 02:08 PM

did 12 largs farms all surrounded by lakes or river parts last night was crazy and your right takes forever to load and even when they have the best tool to do the job takes forever for it to catch up . i think its cool, and the coins were awesome lol but wowwwwwww.

It is cool for farm design though gives that little bit more of space to work with and sometimes gives a bit more of a 3d effect depending on how you place things but thats just me lol im waiting for crops to be done so i can revamp 19/22 farms again(for the umpteenth time)

Petuniaflower Oct 21 2014 11:27 PM

stone water well
There is or use to be a stone water well it cost Farm Cash.I have looked and looked,and my eyes are getting tired.What section is it and what is it called..YAWN

Taz D Oct 21 2014 11:36 PM


Originally Posted by Petuniaflower (Post 5889194)
There is or use to be a stone water well it cost Farm Cash.I have looked and looked,and my eyes are getting tired.What section is it and what is it called..YAWN

Hi Petunia,
It is called Big Waterwell and is in the Farm Decor section.

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